Babies R Us Trade In Sale

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Babies R Us Trade In Sale
Mon, 02-14-2011 - 8:15am

Has anyone participated in the Babies R Us Trade In Sale?

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Mon, 02-14-2011 - 8:30am
BRU has this event every year, sometimes more than once a year. I traded in some old car seats in order to get a newer one. They only give one voucher per customer (at least the one near me) and you can only use one voucher per item/purchase. So I took my mom with me so she could get a voucher and help with the purchase of the other carseat.

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Mon, 02-14-2011 - 8:50am

I went to Babies R Us Friday and

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Mon, 02-14-2011 - 9:26am
I wish I had stuff to trade in! I hope your DH is able to get all your stuff! That's a really great deal when you add it all up.
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Mon, 02-14-2011 - 3:13pm
If you are buying an expensive enough thing it would pay to hit up goodwill! Or yardsales or freecycle or trash piles. I'm set with everything but an infant carrier car seat and I'm going to trade the old one in to get the 25% off I think.
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Mon, 02-14-2011 - 6:32pm

I tradEd in my DD's travel system which I bought for 150 back in 05 and it was a graco. It was a very durable and light thing I was very much in love with it but the poor thing had traveled to so many countries over the years and still hung in strong but I wanted something new so I did the trade and bought a safet 1st travel system it's brown and turquoise very lovely and expensive 280 to be exact well the trade helped me a lot I got it for 230 including tax so the old stroller gave me half the worth back after 6 years around 75 bucks! Great hunh!?
I am very happy that my luck is hanging around
I wanted to sell my old crib which my daughter only used as a day bed but I wanted something new and a little less space taking.... It was a sleigh crib. So I did a little research and found out that the crib was on recall so went into walmart and got a complete refund.... 200 bucks! So I gt to buy a new crib too!!! Yay! I didn't even have to sell it on CL for almost nothing!
So ladies hang in there and hopefully things will start to fall in place :)
good luck!
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Mon, 02-14-2011 - 7:38pm
I've never paid attention to BRU before so didn't know.