Can't get over how big my stomach is already

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Can't get over how big my stomach is already
Thu, 02-17-2011 - 5:02pm

I'm as big right now at 21wks 4 days as I was when I was 8 months pregnant with my 1st.

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Fri, 02-18-2011 - 10:27am
I'm definitely bigger with this one than I was with my first. I feel like I popped earlier this time around even though my first pregnancy was so long ago. I ended up getting pretty big with my DS, so I'm guessing it'll be more of the same this time around.
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Fri, 02-18-2011 - 10:38am

I'm definitely bigger this time. Wednesday I was measuring in at 33 weeks - I'm only 21. Granted, I am carrying two but even in my last pregnancy with DD I was way bigger than I ever got with DS so I have a feeling I would have been feeling large and in charge regardless of how many babies were in there!


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Fri, 02-18-2011 - 1:47pm

I definitely seemed bigger with this one beginning around 20 weeks than I did with my first 3.

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Sat, 02-19-2011 - 8:34am
My belly has gotten bigger much earlier this time as well. Not sure if it's because this LO is a boy or because it is my second pregnancy. I enjoy having a cute little belly but not the backache that goes along with it, lol!
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Wed, 02-23-2011 - 6:59am

I am right there with you! This is my second pregnancy and everything, the weight gain, the stomach popping, its all happened faster!! Scares me a little about the end because I was huge by the end of my first pregnancy, so how big will I be at the end of this one?!?! But knwo that you are NOT alone!

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