Keepsakes from birth

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Keepsakes from birth
Thu, 03-10-2011 - 10:44pm

I saw this thread on a Baby Center board, pointed out by the BC email thingy.

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Fri, 03-11-2011 - 8:33am
I always get a baby book and bring that with me so that they can put the footprints in there for me when the do the official foot print card. I also bring my camera and either take lots of pictures or have some one take pics for me. Some hospitals have rules against taking pictures during and just after the birth though so you have to check. Also some allow video taping and some don't - mine doesn't allow it.

I've heard of others having the dad wear a new plain white t-shirt and having them put the foot prints on there.

I've also tried doing the picture with a stuffed animal every month to document the growth in pictures. Jesse receive a huge teddy bear (I think it's still bigger than him), but my teenage son has a thing for stuffed animals and he took the bear so I haven't been able to keep up with the pictures.

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Fri, 03-11-2011 - 10:30am

I know I will be taking tons of pictures of our I LOVE the idea of the stuffed animal, or some item to "show" their growth.

I definitely want to get a picture of our baby in the hospital nursery.

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Fri, 03-11-2011 - 11:47am

I have a regular baby book from DS and then this keepsake book thing that is more like a box. It looks like a bit book but it opens up and has storage space in it. I have all my ultrasound pictures, cards from my baby shower, the first hat they put on him at the hospital, my hospital bracelet and his hospital bracelet, a lock of his hair from his first haircut, and a few other odds and ends in there. Over the years, I add things into it as well, such as artwork, birthday cards, etc.

I'd like to find something similar for this little one as well. :)