Narrowed it down to 2 names

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Narrowed it down to 2 names
Thu, 02-24-2011 - 5:10pm

Which one do you like best?

Kiley Brooke or Kaylin Ann?

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Thu, 02-24-2011 - 8:04pm
I like Kiley Brooke better out of the two. I feel like it flows a little bit better than Kaylin Ann. Both are really pretty names though. :)
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Thu, 02-24-2011 - 8:31pm
I like Kiley Brooke. It has a better flow to it and it isn't as common as Kaylin.

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Thu, 02-24-2011 - 9:53pm


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Fri, 02-25-2011 - 10:07am

I think Kiley Brooke flows better than Kaylin Ann (and I LOVE the name Brooke!!!)....but you have to go with whatever you love :)

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Fri, 02-25-2011 - 12:08pm
Leave it to me to be the odd ball but what about Kiley Ann as you can tell I like Kiley, because Riley was a top contender if this boy would have been a girl. We called my tummy by our name and now it sounds right so I recomend saying them both for a few days and seeing what feels better.
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Fri, 02-25-2011 - 12:22pm

My first instinct was to Kaylin Ann....this seems to be different than everyone else's thoughts so I guess it doesn't help you narrow it down any :smileytongue:


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Fri, 02-25-2011 - 12:56pm

Kiley is my 1st choice but here is why I can't choose Ann if we decide on Kiley.