Weekly Chit Chat 11/12-11/18

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Weekly Chit Chat 11/12-11/18
Sun, 11-11-2012 - 9:58pm

Hi ladies, 

I hope you both all had a great weekend.  

I finally took my teenager to the DMV to get his learner's permit.  Now I'm regretting it cause he wants to practice driving all the time - he doesn't get that I have other things to do and that there's a gas shortage around here.  AND his driving is kind of scary - he comes way too close the the right side of the road for my comfort, and he thinks he should be driving 5 mph over the speed limit.  Ugh!  And he say I make him nervous.

Still no replacement computers in sight for me.  And now my principal is pushing our brand new superintendent to get rid of the tech lab altogether and just use iPads.  Well, I don't mind the iPads, but we don't have any wi-fi in the building and you can't teach the tech standards on an iPad.  She has a stockpile of about 30 iPads (1st generation) that she intends to give to classroom teachers for doing their assessments.  But last week when I suggested using these for the students in the meantime, she said absolutely not pretty quickly - which is leaving me scratching my head now.

Jenna has finally started making some sounds (other than whining/crying) again.  No real words, but definitely a step in the right direction.  When I was home for the week and a half because of the storm, I wouldn't let her use the binkie/paci unless she really needed it.  DH gives it to her all the time even when there's no need for it.  I also worked with her on playing peek-a-boo and giving kisses (which she finds to be really funny).  Her EI teacher was very pleased with her this week (she was a no-show last week).  Too bad I can't be home to work with her more often.

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Thu, 11-15-2012 - 1:18pm

Hi Donna - sorry you have been the only one here all week.  I am still pretty frustrated with iV and how it will often run so slow loading the boards.  With how busy and stressful life is right now, trying to get on here just hasn't helped which is sad since I came to these boards originally to de-stress.

Must be pretty scarey having your teenager behind the wheel.  The other day DH and I were looking at our new driveway and he made the comment that there would be room for one of the girls to park their car some day.  My only response was that we should focus on potty training and not even think about that day!

Sorry to hear your school situation still isn't getting better with the computers.  Good news on Jenna showing some progress!

AFM - As I mentioned, I am getting pretty stressed.  DH has been off of work this week so he could work on the house.  He comes home telling me the things that have been done each day but when I go to see the house I really don't see much being done.  We still need doors on our kitchen cabinets, cabinets in the bathrooms, stairs and railings on the porch, window frames and finish stairs inside the house.  We were hoping to move before Thanksgiving but I don't see how that is going to happen.  We are getting help on Saturday to pack up stuff in our current house and move whatever we can minus the furniture and essentials for a few days.  I also had my last event with the Moms Club where I live now and it was pretty sad to say goodbye.  So a big stress on me is hoping that I make some new mom friends in our new town.  I am lucky to have one friend there already (who I saw this week after not seeing for several months) but I never expected to make such good friends here and I know that I am terrible at staying in contact with people.  I find it funny that I have actually been enjoying Facebook a lot when I was so against it before having kids.


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Thu, 11-15-2012 - 4:32pm

Cynthia - I understand your frustration with the boards and all the recent changes.  Thank you for continuing to make an effort each week to get on here.  I know it's tought to do when you'e home with 2 little ones all day by yourself, too.

I'm sorry to hear that the house isn't as ready as you thought it would be by now.  Keeping my fingers crossed that all of a sudden a whole bunch of stuff will get done and you'll be able to relax about it a bit.

I've never been good with moving and change either - I find it all very stressfull.  And making new friends as adults is so tough some times.  At least you do have on good friend near your new home.  How far is the new home from the one you're in now?  Are visits to the old town/neighborhood that unreasonable?

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Fri, 11-16-2012 - 2:14pm

Ugggh....I've been trying to get on and leave a comment for like 10 minutes and it just keeps telling me I'm not authorized.  Apparently I have to sign in BEFORE I try to leave a comment and that seems to solve my problems :(  OK - rant over.  Needless to say I don't need this frustration and have been avoiding the boards like the plague......but I miss you ladies.

First - thanks for your suggestions on Ashley's sleep issues, they've gotten better, but certainly haven't ended :(  We used to use a night light and stopped for the same reasons Cynthia stated......I may need to start again, just in case that is the issue.  And the teething suggestion is spot on - she is cutting 2 molars, but it just seems weird that it would only bother her in the morning, not all night?  And I LOVE the idea about her being hungry....she's not great at eating dinner, so that's a real possibility.  I'm willing to try everything because I really don't need MONTHS OF PRACTICE with the sleep deprivation thing, I'll get that when the new baby arrives ;)

Donna - hmmmm on the ipads suggestion.  I realize that's the way of the world (texting on the phone and such) but I think you lose a lot of the typing skills if you move to an ipad environment in the school?!?!?  Maybe you get the attachable key board though, so I don't know.  I constantly wonder what it will be like when Ashley gets to school - will they even have text books anymore? Still learn cursive writing? Crazy how I make fun of my grandparents for being "behind the times" and that will probably be me in a few years ;)

I'm sure your sons driving will get better....can you enroll him in a driver's ed course and have him practice there.  That's hard because you want him to practice and get better, but not at the sake of your safety ;)

I'm glad that Jenna has been having some better days in terms of noise making.  Is there a daycare or church program you can enroll her in a couple hours a week just to get her out of the house and interacting more - especially if you're DH isn't much help in that department?  Ashley's language skills have grown vastly since leaving the infant room at her daycare, I love how vocal she is these days (her new favorite word is nana (banana), but she doesn't always want to eat it....just likes saying it).

And funny about how wrong they were with the nor' easter.  We were in the 3-6" snow range and we got NONE.....i just rolled my eyes and laughed.  This is why no one took them seriously about the Hurricane.....go figure.

Cynthia - I hope the house comes together quickly and that Saturday is really productive.  Some of that stuff you could probably do without TEMPORARILY, but I can see how not having it done would be frustrating. 

i had the same questions as donna - how far away is your new town.  Maybe you can't do the weekly group meethings, but perhaps monthly.....or every other month just to keep in touch?  I've been wanting to ask the one set of parents from daycare if they want to get our kids together outside of school but we're about 20 minutes apart and I'm shy when it comes to that sort of thing.....so I know what you mean.  It doesn't help that our kids won't go to school together (daycare is near our work, not our home) so part of me is like "why make the effort when they won't be "friends forever"?" - but I'm still friends with a girl I met when I was under 3 and our parents sustained our friendship until we were old enough to do it on our own....so you never know how it can turn out!

AFM - Yesterday was by far the worst day of my parenthood thus far.....I hope to never repeat it (though I know we will in some degree) :(  I spent 2 hours in the ER getting Ashley stitches.....

She fell at daycare and hit her head on the table.  They gave her three stitches because the cut is on her face and they want to minimize the likelihood of scaring......otheriwse they said it would have only needed 1.  So not a MAJOR injury, but completely scary.  I think I might have cried more than Ashley yesterday....she handled everything like a champ!  The whole thing was just frustrating all around......

That's about it going on for me.  We're gearing up for Thanksgiving next week and I'm looking forward to the short work week.  And I'm REALLY glad that my MIL finally came to her senses and realized she can't have Thanksgiving at her house this year (they sold their house and are renting a temporary house until they settle on their new one - at the end of December).  Well this new house is <1000 sq feet and she thought that they could fit the normal family thanksgiving there (20 adults and 7 kids).....um, no thank you!  She FINALLY admitted we wouldn't fit comfortably and someone else has stepped up to host the holiday....phew!

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Fri, 11-16-2012 - 3:19pm
Poor Ashley. My oldest got his first stitches at about the same age, also due to a fall at daycare. He was spinning around and around and fell against the lower edge of a full length window and got a similar cue between his eyebrows. He still has a bit of a scar (if you look for it), at least Ashley's is going to be somewhat covered by her eyebrows later on. I hope the sleep issues resolve quickly for you - it can be so hard to figure out exactly what the cause is. Have you tried giving her a dose of Tylenol at bedtime?

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