Weekly Chit Chat 11/19-11/25

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Weekly Chit Chat 11/19-11/25
Mon, 11-19-2012 - 8:07am

Happy Thanksgiving week ladies!

Wow, how did Thanksgiving get here so soon?  It feels like we just had Halloween and back to school.  And I'm no where near ready for Christmas.  How about you?

I spent the weekend away with Josh at his drum corp audition for the Cadets 2 (and off shoot of the Cadets - the nation's oldest and most esteemed DCI corp).  Since I had to make travel arrangements in the aftermath of Hurricane sandy and didn't know what things were like down there (exit 2 off the NJ turnpike), and since I would have to be traveling on even gas days (when I have odd # plates and wouldn't be able to get gas) I booked a hotel room and took Jenna with me.  Jesse stayed hom with DH, who later sent him off to my parents because he wasn't feeling well. (Nevermind that I've been sick for  well over a week now.)  

I'm home today to try to get a doctor's appointment since this cold is not clearing up and none of the over the counter meds are working for me.  The glands in my next are extremely swollen and tender (hurts to turn my neck certain ways because of it).  Dh had the nerve to ask which kid I was going to keep home with me since I wasn't going to work.  Umm...I'm staying home to get rest (haven't slept in over 4 days really) and to go to the doctor.  He replied that he didn't know I was sick.  Yeah, that's why everytime we texted and he asked how I felt, I told him repeatedly that I felt like crap.  My principal even tried sending me home from work last Thursday and Friday (yet he didn't know I was even sick?!?)

I need to get Jesse and Josh into the doctor as well, but only 2 memebers of the family can be seen in one day - some insurance thing I think.  So Josh and I are going today and I'll try to get DH and Jesse to go tomorrow.  So far Jenna has not gotten this nasty cold (and I hope she avoids it altogether), in the meantime I just keep giving her extra Biotin to keep her reserves up in case she does get it.

I hope you ladies are doing well and feeling OK.  Cynthia, how's the house looking this week.  Laura, how is everyong in your house doing?  Any thanksgiving plans?

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Mon, 11-19-2012 - 1:33pm

Donna - sorry to hear you are feeling so miserable.  I hope the doctor is able to help.  How was the drum corp audition?  It sounds pretty exciting.

I agree that I can't believe thanksgiving is this week.  My MIL has been making t-shirts for Marissa's pictures each month and I had to ask her to priority ship this months because we both lost track of time so it will hopefully be here on Wednesday when Marissa turns 5 months on Thursday.

The house looks great except for the fact that we aren't living in it yet and won't be moving this week as we had been hoping all along.  The contractors are working this final week to get stairs on the outside and finish the inside stairs and trim work.  Then everything else is waiting on our kitchen countertops. We ended up getting granite counters from a place that had overstock that we got a really good price for.  Well, them measured the kitchen 2 weeks ago and were supposed to deliver and install within 2 weeks but as of Friday our contractor couldn't get ahold of them to get a delivery time.  They are only open today and tomorrow which means unless they show up unannounced, we won't have counters until next week.  After that is finally done they can finish the cabinets and plumbing.  So we are looking at having at least 1.5 weeks before moving.  We moved a ton of our stuff this weekend though which is great except that it means I am stuck in this point of limbo of not having stuff in my house - we have the essentials but I wanted to make some muffins and no muffin pan, stuff like that.

Anyway, I haven't been very happy lately but I won't complain too much.  Angie is getting a lot of teeth so she has been moody but I think the first one finally broke through the gum today so she is on her way to having some back teeth.  I just keep trying to give her a teether whenever she is chewing her hand and Tylenol when she is super cranky and she seems to be handling it ok.

Oh, and I think you asked last week about how far we are moving.  It is about a 50 minute drive between our homes.  We will still own our current home and have work to do on it so I will come up here from time to time but probably won't make the trip very often in terms of keeping close with the friends we made here.  I am also terrible at keeping in contact with people but that is just another thing I am tired of right now.  I just want to get this move done so I can meet some people in our new home and find new things to do with the girls.


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Mon, 11-19-2012 - 3:01pm

I wanted to make it on here this week and am not sure I'll have time any other day. 

Donna - I also can't believe that Thanksgiving is here already, but I swear every year I find myself saying how quickly the year went....they seem to be passing by quicker and quicker each year :(  On the positive side I'm 18 weeks along already and it feels like things are moving quickly!!! 

This is the only holiday we split between both our families on the actual day so Thursday will be rather chaotic.  This year was extra drama filled because my in-laws usually host Thanksgiving, but they temporarily moved into a house not suitable to fit DH's family and MIL wasn't willing to admit it.  She kept saying they were going to have it because no one else would.....I was getting ready to refuse going because I didn't think it was a suitable environment for Ashley to be crammed in their tiny house with that many people.  Thankfully, once they got all their stuff moved in they realized they couldn't fit everyone and when they said they couldn't have it and that the consequence was that we would be skipping our family gathering this year DH's cousin stepped up and is hosting it.....which is what I tried to tell MIL would happen.  no one WANTS it at their house, but they also don't want to forgo the family gathering.  We might have a similar issue with Easter, but i think DH's aunt has offered to host that this year.  My inlaws will be in their new house in late April and that should be big enough to accomodate everyone for future holidays!

On my side we go to my parents house.....so nobody comes to our house....which is fine with me ;)  We live "out of the way" for both of our families so I doubt we'll ever host a holiday gathering, though we probably have the best accomodations to do so?!?!

I hope Josh was successful at his auditions and that the doctor is able to help you feel better soon!  Leave it to DH to not notice you have a cold....and expect you to watch the kids while you're under the weather and trying to recover.  I can honestly say my DH would probably do the same :(

Cynthia - grrrrrr to last minute delays.  THough it probably isn't that surprising.....things like that NEVER seem to stay on schedule and this being a holiday week makes things harder to manage through.  I hope things happen quickly and you are in your new house in plenty of time for Christmas.  living half-in, half-out would certainly get frustrating quickly!!! 

I'm sure you'll make new friends and build new routines quickly.  THough the winter months may slow things a bit, hopefully not too much and one spring/summer roll around you'll be in full swing!

I've got to run, sorry no update from us....we're doing well.  Ashley gets her stitches out tomorrow and has been a champ about them the entire time.  Sleeping was a HUGE ISSUE this weekend, so no progress on that front.  Have a great holiday!!!!