Weekly Chit Chat 12/10-10/16

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Weekly Chit Chat 12/10-10/16
Mon, 12-10-2012 - 8:47am

Hello again ladies!

Only two more weeks of work until Christmas break!  I'm still sooo not ready for Christmas - I have very little time for shopping.

Jenna had her 18 month well visit this past Wed.  She was 22.5 pounds and 32 inches(standing), but they couldn't give her the vaccines because she was running a 101.9 fever.  The doctor scolded DH for bringing her in for a well visit since she was sick.  But we didn't know, she had no symptoms, was acting normal,  and didn't even feel warm to the touch!  The doctor checked her out and agreed with DH, she thought maybe the thermometer malfunctioned so they grabbed a different one and still got a 101.9 fever.  Only after he got her home did she seem a little off - just super cuddly and sleeping a bit more.  Bizarre.

Josh (and the rest of his marching band, of course) got to play at Metlife Stadium this past Saturday.  His HS football team was playing in the State Championship game - against my alma mater (and the district I work for).  His school lost in double over time after playing the game of their lives.  It was a very exciting game (and I don't even care for football very much).  It was also their first trip ever to the playoffs, let alone a state championship game.

Oh, well.  Off to work now.

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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 2:32pm

Darcy - glad you got a chance to stop in last week.  I hope your trip went well and that Xavier weaned quickly & quietly for your DH.  Also, good luck with the bus driving training/licensing!! I'm sure that will be an exciting adventure?!?!?!  i can't believe our Sweeties are 18 months :)

Donna - That stinks that Jenna was sick for her well visit.....but I'm glad the doctor eventually agreed with you that Jenna appeared normal to the naked eye.  Hopefully whatever had her down passes quickly!  Ashley has had a cough and has been feeling warm to the touch for the past few days, but every time I try to take a temp she doesn't have one.....confusing!

AFM - we had Ashley's 18 month appointment on Thursday and it went as poorly as I expected :(  She was 30 1/4 inches (which is 1 inch growth from September - 15th percentile) and 19lbs 5oz (less than 1lb growth since September and she's now in the 1st percentile).  Needless to say the doctor was concerned about her failure to maintain appropriate weight gain.  He said that we can either focus on more calories through food, more calories through beverages or contact a nutritionist - but we can't continue on the path we're on.  I explained that for the past 3 months I have made a concious effort to give her more high fat food & just more food in general - but obviously that hasn't helped.  He suggested that we try pediasure (in place of her normal whole milk) for 1 month and if that doesn't promote weight gain then we should contact a nutritionist.  So that's what we're doing.....trying hard to continue pushing higher fat foods & now are conscious of higher fat/calorie beverages until January 3.  And he told me not to let Ashley see me stressed about this......easier said than done :(  For the past 3 days Ashley has decided to become a picky eater and eat next to nothing at every meal.......really - like she can afford that right now?!?!?!  Everyone passes it off as toddler's and their ever changing eating habits - but she can't stand to go through those phases at this point.....she just needs to eat (and eat a lot).  So I'm stressing - which is bad for me, Ashley and baby boy.

Any have experience with a nutritionists? I guess I'm not really sure how they're going to help us? I mean, I can't force feed Ashley (either a certain amount or a certain type of food).  Now maybe this is the person to run blood tests and consider if Ashley has any allergies/disorders we aren't aware of.....in that sense I could see the benefit of this counciling.  In the meantime, I've started keeping a food journal so i can document exactly what she eats every day - it's a little tough with a majority of her food consumption happening at daycare, but I've asked that they be extra diligent in documenting her consumption for the next 2 weeks.

I guess we'll wait and see.  That's really all that is going on with us.  We did find out this weekend that my brother & sister-in-law are pregnant and due in August.  Nice that our kids will be so close in age.  DH's nieces were 6 & 3 when Ashley was born, so they're close, but not too close.  My brother's kid will be 2 years younger than Ashley and 3-4 months younger than baby boy.

Nothing else to report! I'll try to check back later this week......

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Mon, 12-10-2012 - 11:20pm

Laura - Sorry about the doctor's visit, but he's right - she can't see you stressing about this or she'll possibly get worse.  I would do like he says and switch her to the pediasure (or at least use it in addition to the whole milk), keep giving her the calorie rich foods and document what she is eating. 

A nutritionist is going to look at what and how much you feed her (which is why it's good that you are documenting it) and make suggestions for tweaking her diet to promote her weight gain - they don't do any blood work.  Did you doctor order any blood work for her (maybe back at the one year visit)? If they didn't, maybe you should request a work up.  Maybe she's anemic or has a thyroid issue? 

I do think it's a good sign that she has grown an inch taller, if her height hadn't increased that would have been a sure sign of malnutrition.  And it may just be that she's just going to be on the smaller side - someone's got to be in that bottom 1%.  Maybe she's one of the lucky ones that just has a fast metabolism.

As far as forcing her to eat, that could eventually come in the form of a feeding tube.  I'm not trying to scare you or stress you out any further.  Years ago we knew a family whose little girl (she was under 2 years old at the time) was on the small side (her mom was too) and they stressed out about her eating so much that she basically refused to eat at all and had to have a feeding tube inserted.  (But the mom and the little girl basically had a rare form of anorexia/anxiety disorder).  I am not at all implying that Ashley has this issue, I'm just saying that if none of the measures that you and the doctor take improve her weight, a feeding tube could be another option (although not a pleasant one).  The little girl we knew eventually got up to the weight that she should have been.  Again, none of this was meant to scare you or stress you out - I don't think Ashley has this little girl's underlying issues at all, just an example of a treatment option in worst case circumstances and a reason for you not to let her see you stressed out about this.

Please take comfort in knowing that you're doing all the right things for now, and that's all your really can do!

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Wed, 12-12-2012 - 10:30pm

Laura, I'm sure this is really stressful for you.  If it makes you feel any better, Charlotte is only 22 pounds.  She is as healthy as can be.  And Donna is right.  Someone has to be in the 1%.  Ashley may just be a little peanut.