Weekly Chit Chat 9/24-9/30

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Weekly Chit Chat 9/24-9/30
Mon, 09-24-2012 - 8:55am

Happy 1st week of Fall!

What's going on this week?  Any fall activities planned?

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Tue, 09-25-2012 - 10:28am

Donna - boo for your DH getting you sick.  i hope you can get to the doctor quickly....or maybe just call and ask them to update the prescription for your inhaler (sounds like they may not do it without seeing you, but you don't know if you don't try???).  I would get frustrated as well if I knew what the issue was and the doctor insisted on "waiting to see".....grrrr.

Cynthia - sorry to hear Angie relapsed the other day, hopefully that was just fluke and some kid snuck her some candy at the library or something to give her the sugar high you experienced :smileywink:  Thanks for sharing your experience with two little ones, its comforting to know that others got through it and that it's really the early weeks that are the hardest!  We haven't completely settled on our schedule after the baby arrives, but I believe I'll take 10-12 weeks again, with DH home for 2 of them, and hopefully will be sending Ashley to DCP the entire time as well.....this will allow me to bond with baby and slowly settle into having two (or so I tell myself!). 

I hope you have a nice anniversary celebration.  DH and I actually haven't done anything to celebrate ours (and it was in May).  We kept meaning to and then just never did.  Oh well....we find time about once a month to go on a "date" night so I count that time.

I hope your DH doesn't get back into traveling too soon.....that sounds tough.  I'm already dreading when DH has to travel after the new baby arrives and his travel is only for a few days.  I'll likely see if my mom or MIL can come help.....can someone help you for the week....or even part of it?

AFM - not much going on here.  I'm actually busy at work right now, which is awesome!!!  Ashley is on the mend from her illness last week, but she lost 1/2 a pound from not eating.....not good when you're already under weight.  We'll be pushing high fat foods like crazy until she's back in the "gaining" category.  Ugh....we just can't win :smileysad:

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Thu, 09-27-2012 - 1:20pm

Donna - I hope you are feeling better by now and that you were able to enjoy apple picking yesterday.  That is something I want to do with Angie but it is hard with Marissa as well.  I might have the chance in a couple weeks if DH takes a couple days off of work.

Laura - glad to hear you are busy at work.  I know it was always better when I was busy.  Sorry to hear that Ashley lost some weight with being sick.  Hopefully she is able to put that weight right back on though.

AFM - It has been a busy week but we are having a lazy day today.  It is the first time in a while that I have decided not to go anywhere in the morning when I am alone with the kids and it has turned out pretty well so far.  I opened a box of diapers that came from Amazon yesterday and after I took the diapers out Angie proceeded to play with the box for the next hour.  She started just sitting in the box and I gave her some toys then she figured out how to climb in and out of it so she pushed it to an area where she could hold onto some furniture and was happily climbing in and out of a box.  I just ordered her a little chair which should be here tomorrow because she is desperately trying to climb on everything and loves to sit in the kid chairs when we go places.  So now she will have her own and hopefully won't sit on her sister again (that was an interesting experience).

Angie still isn't walking on her own.  She also doesn't want to crawl though.  She will walk with her hand hovering over the furniture but when she needs to cross a large gap she drops down to her knees and "walks" on her knees.  I am trying not to entertain her desire to walk by holding her hand and trying to encourage her to do it on her own but she gets so upset.  She is just so cautious about everything.


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Fri, 09-28-2012 - 1:22pm

Donna - glad to hear you are feeling better and that you got a nap. It is sad to hear that your brother and SIL are potentially ignoring a possible disability in their child.  It is so important to address those delays early so the children can lead full lives with as little setback as possible.  It will only make the child's life harder as she gets older if she doesn't get some help.  I hope that if their IVF is successful that they work things out and make a good home for the new baby.  I have to imagine that they want another child pretty badly if they are going through IVF.

AFM - exciting news in my household - Angie can walk!!!!  Last night we were all in the living room and Angie wandered into the play room on her own (crawling).  I went over to turn the light on for her a few minutes later since it was getting dark and I found her walking across the middle of the room.  I turned on the light and she continued to make a couple of laps around the room all by herself - long enough that I was able to take a video with my phone.  I think she was in such concentration that she didn't even notice me b/c once she saw me she stopped walking.  Its like she was trying to practice without letting me know she could do it.  Today I have only gotten her to do a few short distance steps but I know she can do it.  She is just so cautious with new abilities that I think once she is ready she is just going to stand up and run - she is already working on standing up in the middle of the room with no support.  So pretty exciting.  Her chair came in and it is really cute - it has a few Disney princesses on it.  When she gets up from her nap she will be able to try it out but I am almost certain she is going to love it.