35 week appointment

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35 week appointment
Fri, 05-20-2011 - 5:54am

I typed "apartment" instead of "appointment" twice before it clicked in my brain.

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Fri, 05-20-2011 - 9:40am
Wow - I'm sure it's crazy to know it could happen whenever and they'd let you progress!! But I'm sure it's a little scary known he doesn't seem to be growing much and you still have stuff to get. Hopefully you can take it easy this week (while getting everything else you need, of course) and then are able to successfully "walk him out" ;)

I've been trying to take more/longer walks, but I'm not sure it really does anything for me, but if you're already progressing maybe that's different!!
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Fri, 05-20-2011 - 1:29pm

LOL at the pregnancy brain!

Sounds like things are going pretty well for you, only a little bit of time left until you meet your little one.

Did they say anything about his lung development if he isn't really growing much?


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Fri, 05-20-2011 - 2:43pm
Good luck! Hope you get the stuff you need and baby stays good and grows a bit for you!

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Fri, 05-20-2011 - 7:32pm
I hope everything works out and goes well at your appointments next week!!
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Sat, 05-21-2011 - 8:37am
By growing much I mean size-wise...everything is is "perfect," I've been told. Can they tell lung development on an ultrasound? I had an ultrasound after the PTL incident and everything looked good on him after that, he was just measuring small. He is still measuring small, and I have an ultrasound on Wednesday to check his weight again.

I totally trust my doctor, though--if she says delivering now would be more beneficial than giving me more drugs to stop labor, then so be it. I've been with her for 12+ years and she is just awesome. She's one of my longest relationships! :)
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Sat, 05-21-2011 - 2:07pm

No, they cannot tell lung development on an ultrasound. That would require an amnio. They can see practice breathing movements but that doesn't really indicate whether or not the lungs are developed enough to support baby outside. If baby needs oxygen support after they're born he/she would most likely be in a special care nursery or NICU. At 35 weeks it's kind of hit or miss whether or not a baby would need much, if any, breathing support.


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