Charlotte Renee's birth

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Charlotte Renee's birth
Fri, 07-01-2011 - 4:00pm

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Fri, 07-01-2011 - 8:11pm
Wow what a story! It sounds like it was a joyous occasion! Welcome Charlotte!


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Fri, 07-01-2011 - 8:18pm

Shoot..and you weren't overdue either ;) Congrats on your baby girl!! What a story!!

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Fri, 07-01-2011 - 9:18pm
Congratulations on your little girl! What a surprise delivery for you, glad everything went well though. I guess if you have any more kids you better leave for the hospital much sooner, huh?

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Sat, 07-02-2011 - 11:51am
Wow! Congratulations on your little girl!
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Sun, 07-03-2011 - 6:56am

What an amazing story!


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Sun, 07-03-2011 - 7:04am
wow~ that's pretty exciting/scary! There's been a few surprise home deliveries in this group! It'd be a nightmare if that happened to me...we live in a small 2 bed apartment and there'd be no way I could keep my 3 year old out of the way! Now that WOULD get messy! yikes!
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Mon, 07-04-2011 - 8:47pm
Congrats!!! I'm glad I'm not the only one with a surprise home birth story to tell my daughter when she grows up! Congrats to you and DH! I know it feels amazing!
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Wed, 07-13-2011 - 8:58am
Wow!! What a great story! Congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby girl. Welcome to the world, Charlotte.

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