Sleeping Sweeties....

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Sleeping Sweeties....
Tue, 07-26-2011 - 3:08pm

If your baby sleeps a lot and so is sleeping in all your pictures, or if your baby hardly sleeps so you have to capture the moments when it happens, post your best sleeping shot here!

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Tue, 07-26-2011 - 6:43pm

Here's one from last week... (sorry it's so big)

Bruce sleepy.jpg

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Thu, 08-04-2011 - 6:56pm


Liliana owns my heart. Born 6/16/2011

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Sun, 08-07-2011 - 9:05pm

Here is one of Zaydren


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Wed, 08-10-2011 - 7:47am

This is me with Angie - she fell asleep while she was supposed to be burping!


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Sat, 08-13-2011 - 8:53pm