Feeling a little down and concerned...

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Feeling a little down and concerned...
Wed, 10-06-2010 - 11:20am

Hello All,

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Wed, 10-06-2010 - 11:29am

Hi Kate! I'm sorry about your progesterone level and I hope things work out and go well for you on Tuesday. I've never dealt with that, but I wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers! I hope the progesterone supplements keep you were you need to be.

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Wed, 10-06-2010 - 1:04pm

Hi Kate,

With Emily I was placed on progesterone almost immediately after becoming pregnant. The progesterone definitely made all the pregnancy symptoms return and it ended with a very healthy little girl. I typically have a short luteal phase and think that low progesterone is somehow tied to it and my previous m/c.

Be thankful you have a proactive Dr. At this point, I have not heard back from my nurse and I am seriously eyeing the leftover pills from Emily. Many Drs do not believe in suplementing (sp?). Right now I do not have morning sickness (did first two days), just a bit of bloating and am quite frankly worried.

In instances where it is just low progesterone, my gut feeling is that it helps. In situations where there is something else wrong (genetics), I think the end is somewhat inevitable and it will happen anyway.

Just do not stop taking the pills... you will probably get severe morning sickness, but take it as a good sign the pills are working. At this point, pills in hand, I would count on having the same odds as any other pregnant woman.


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Wed, 10-06-2010 - 1:26pm

Hi Kate~
I haven't dealt with low progesterone, but I'm SO glad they caught it!

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Wed, 10-06-2010 - 2:20pm

With my last pregnancy, I had low progesterone.


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Wed, 10-06-2010 - 3:12pm

Hi Kate,

I am using a progesterone cream because I was tested with low progesterone last month when I had an early pregnancy loss.

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Wed, 10-06-2010 - 5:01pm


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Thu, 10-07-2010 - 9:20am

Thanks Ladies,

I greatly appreciate your thoughts and advice.

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Thu, 10-07-2010 - 11:53am

No advice, just hugs & prayers.

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