Solids Feeding Schedule

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Solids Feeding Schedule
Tue, 11-22-2011 - 3:20pm

I can't tell you how many hours I've spent researching this and I haven't found any consistent or "good" information so I thought I'd see what all of you are doing: what has your schedule been for solids?

What age did you introduce?

What did you introduce first?

How much/how often did you feed solids?

When did you transition to additional feedings? How much/how often?

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Tue, 11-22-2011 - 8:10pm
I started Bruce on rice cereal at about 4 months (might have been a week after turning 4 months). He stayed on just the rice cereal for a few days to be sure he was doing well eating.

After that, we started on veggies and started with the greens first (that's what my MD recommended). We added a new one to his routine about once a week (as recommended by our MD). We just started the fruits last week. We were told to add a new food about once a week so we could watch for allergies and intolerances.

Bruce eats cereal (either rice or oatmeal) in the morning, sometimes with some fruit now that he's eating fruit. Then he has some baby food at lunch and dinner time. He eats about 2 jars of food a day and probably about a jars worth of cereal in the morning as well.

His schedule overall goes about like this:

8am Cereal and 4-6 ounces of formula (with his medicine)

10:30-11:00am 4 ounces of formula

12:00-1:00pm 1 jar of baby food and 4-6 ounces of formula

3:30pm-ish 4 ounces of formula

5:30-6:00pm 1 jar of baby food and 4-6 ounces of formula

9pm-ish 6-8 ounces of formula

Then he sleeps until morning. Some nights he'll wake up early (5am-ish) and have 4-6 ounces of formula. Sometimes he'll eat half a jar of two different foods at lunch and dinner to give him a variety. Some days he doesn't eat as much of the solids as others and some days he'll eat a little more. We follow his cues for when he's done with the solids. What I wrote above is about average for him.
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Tue, 11-22-2011 - 8:16pm
At my WIC appointment today they gave me a paper saying for 6-8 months to feed them 1-2 tablespoons of each a fruit, vegetable, and cereal twice a day in addition to the formula/breast milk they have been drinking. . This is seems like a lot to me. I started Isaac with cereal but quickly moved on to fruits and vegetables (I skipped stage 1 and went right to stage 2). He is content with just half to a full jar of food once a day. I don't really have a method to what I introduce and when, just stick with just one new food for a few days to watch for any reactions.
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Wed, 11-23-2011 - 11:00am

I started Angie on solids at just past 4 months.


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Fri, 11-25-2011 - 3:33pm

I am currently introducing my 8-month old to solids.