Ultrasound Yesterday-Dates Wrong...Worried. :(

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Ultrasound Yesterday-Dates Wrong...Worried. :(
Wed, 11-10-2010 - 7:19am

Hi Ladies, I just remembered these message boards. I was on them all the time with my DD who is 4.

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Wed, 11-10-2010 - 1:24pm

Congrats on your BFP. It could be that you ovulated late in the cycle. Is your doctor going to do another ultrasound? I hope the next one goes well and you have a H&H 9 months.

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Thu, 11-11-2010 - 5:21pm

I wouldn't worry until you get an US done at 7 or 8 weeks.

Here's my situation: I went in and they wanted to do an US to get my due date, since my periods have always been non exsistent. I said sure, they did the ultrasound on one of those portable US machines and told me the same thing-6 weeks 5 days but nothing in the sac.

Well, the following Monday they called me and said my HGC level was high enough on the day of my US for them to see something, so they wanted me to immediately come in to do another US. The nurse told me to be prepared since it was probably a blighted ovum.

I was a nervous wreck and very scared, but I went in and did an US with an actual tech and a 3-D US and low and behold, they found the baby, the heartbeat, no problems-and I was right on track at 8 weeks 1 day. The US tech told me that that happens a lot with the portable US machines, and that sometimes it is just too early to see anything.

Although I was very happy and excited, I was also a little pissed off at the nurse to tell me what she did. Turns out, after further blood testing my HGC level is just on the high end of the normal range.

So, long story short-don't worry! I wouldn't worry until they do an US at 8 weeks or beyond and they still don't find anything. Babies ARE different and they do grow and develop at different paces.

I think they make us worry for nothing at times!