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Tue, 11-01-2011 - 3:32pm

This may end up being a novel. You've been warned. ;)

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I agree with you 100%. I mean, if she's only there for Thurs than what does it matter if she has to share space with everyone. I think it should be more about everyone making an effort for you, the kids, DH and baby and less about them. Of course, I wish I had this problem. :D DH's parents haven't even called to ask about the pregnancy much less offered to come visit or anything and I have no family of my own. So send one of them my way! ;) I have a couch! LOL In any case, just stick to your guns and what you already told Mom and I'm sure it'll be fantastic and a great Thanksgiving and baby homecoming when it's all said and done! :)

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ugh how annoying.. I hate when ppl make situations like this about themselves.. Hopefully when the time comes everyone will get along and make you and baby comfortable and no stress!! KUP on how it pans out!

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