I feel ginormous all ready!

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I feel ginormous all ready!
Tue, 06-21-2011 - 8:15pm

I feel like my stomach all ready pokes way out.

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Tue, 06-21-2011 - 9:27pm
Awe that's cute ;) I felt really huge a couple weeks ago but I think I've stopped because I've felt small this week...I had to look at pics online to make myself feel better. ;)

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Tue, 06-21-2011 - 11:03pm
Ugh, I don't feel huge at all! I'm definitely showing, obviously pg, but nowhere near as big as I thought I'd be for having trips! Enjoy that belly my friend. :-)
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Wed, 06-22-2011 - 7:43am


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Wed, 06-22-2011 - 9:11am

Yep, I have been feeling huge for a while. This is my second child and I started showing WAY earlier than I did the first time. People look at me weird when I tell them how far along I am. But oddly enough I have only gained 5 lbs which is pretty much on par with my weight gain last time. I feel uncomfortable already and I'm not even half way through yet. Eeek.

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Wed, 06-22-2011 - 9:36am
I feel the same! This is my second pregnancy and my twins are only 17 months. I started showing way earlier this time and am already bigger than I was with the twins at this point. However, I haven't Gaines much weight at all. I am sick of the looks / comments I get when people ask my due date. Lol!
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Wed, 06-22-2011 - 10:08am
I think I finally popped myself and look pregnant. I look more pregnant then I am too I think, and I'm always uncomfortable now. I wonder if part of it is just the awful heat here though contributing to it. I'm lucky enough that I haven't gained any weight yet. I'm trying really hard to only gain around 10 lbs this pregnancy because I was already over weight with my son and I never lost any of that baby weight. Hoping this time is different (it is so far!) :)
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Wed, 06-22-2011 - 9:31pm

I'm from the October club but my Due date is the 31st so I like to come over here and chat too.. I have had this problem too.

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Wed, 06-22-2011 - 10:42pm
Yeah, I feel huge too...
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Thu, 06-23-2011 - 9:07am

I don't feel huge, but I do feel a lot bigger than last time.

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