i hated being preggo, but now that its over/last baby...i miss it?????

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i hated being preggo, but now that its over/last baby...i miss it?????
Fri, 11-18-2011 - 1:24pm

i just had my 3rd and final child...with all three ds's i hated being preggo...i am high risk, i felt terrible, preterm labor issues with all of them, history of 6 miscarriages...on top of i do the opposite of "glow" when preggo...

i was so excited/looking foward to delievering a healthy happy baby, and i did 9 days ago...at first i was super happy not to be preggo anymore, thinking, i can have my body back, i no longer feel sick, i can get out of chairs now, i will start to feel emotionaly better soon...etc...

while all of those things are true...it occured to me that i will never feel a baby kick anymore, i will never have the "excitement" of a new life growing inside of me...and that makes me super sad...

what is wrong with me??? i'm not happy preggo, and now i'm not happy now????

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I can so relate to your post. I just had my third on October 27 and it was a rough pregnancy this time around (I was also high risk) and I had my tubes tied. I honestly didn't expect to feel this way either. I was in babies r us buying diapers and the sight of all the pregnant women sent me into tears. I know we are done but it feels so final, it just really hit me hard. I am sure we aren't the only ones that have felt this way, and I'm sure it will ease with time when we've had a chance to adjust. ((hugs)) Just wanted you to know you're not alone....and VERY normal ;)!!