Pacifier - should we or should we not?

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Pacifier - should we or should we not?
Fri, 11-18-2011 - 2:46pm

My little one has a terrible terrible piercing cry. This is not the cute cooing cry of a newborn. It's a full blown tantrum cry (and she's only 2 and half weeks old.) Anyhow, I've noticed that she is constantly putting her fingers in her mouth, even after I've fed her. The pediatrician mentioned that I could try giving her a pacifier. My inlaws are horrified at the thought of a pacifier. They insist that it will form a habit.

My husband and I are conflicted. Any thoughts, advice or opinions on pacifiers? I'm inclined to listen to the pediatrician over my mother-in-law but just want to make sure we're making the right decision.

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Fri, 11-18-2011 - 5:07pm
I think for some babies pacifiers make a lot of sense. If you worried about a habit you can just make a habit to wean from the pacifier when the baby is still young, and before a year. The longer you wait to take something away, the harder it is. If you think it will help sooth your baby, and your pediatrician recommended it, I would give it a shot. And you never know.. my first never wanted a pacifier and just didn't use them. Your baby may make the decision for you.
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Fri, 11-18-2011 - 6:03pm

I am lurking from December, but have been a little conflicted myself with what to do when I have this baby.

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Fri, 11-18-2011 - 8:08pm
I tried not to use one with my son, but he constantly wanted to suck so we gave him one and he slept so much better. He is 2 and the rule is we only have it in bed and we plan to wean this soon. With this newsest DD 1 week she has not really wanted a pacifier and instead finds her fingers most of the time. I would not be afraid to use a pacifir as long as you have the will Power to simply throw them away when the time comes.
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Sat, 11-19-2011 - 6:19am
We gave our kids pacifiers in the past and have done it again this time. I followed some advice I was given at some point and allowed baby to have the paci at any time until 3mos. At that point, the paci stayed in the crib and baby only got it at naptimes.

DD, our first, had the paci until she was 24 mos. At which time we took it away and "gave" it to her new baby cousin (complete with ribbons and wrapping paper). It took her about two days to get over not having it (as in, helping her go to sleep).

DS had it until 13 months - DD's reaction to losing it at 24 mos was just too much. He got over it in one day.

So I plan to do the same this time around.
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Sat, 11-19-2011 - 10:11pm
Personally I would use it. If it helps to soothe that to me in itself is enough, but also it's thought that babies who use a pacifier are less likely get SIDS. Also if it's habit your worried about I'd much rather have them use a paci that you can get rid of then their thumb..
My first wouldn't take one, I tried due to the SIDS thing and second seems to be taking to it fine. :)
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Wed, 11-23-2011 - 2:04pm
I am all about the pacifier. My first 2 used it a lot. My third likes it periodically, but not nearly as much as they did. But she also does not need it as much as they did. If it gives your DD comfort, then I say give it to her. We also had our kids leave theirs in their beds after a certain point. DS got rid of his, he got over it in about a week, at 2 years and 4 months old. DD got rid of hers at about 25 months and she was completely over it in a day. No problems with her at all. We told her that Jesus needed to take it to other little babies who needed it. A little strange, but it did the trick. The comfort they get from it makes it worth it. Plus, studies show that pacifiers reduce the risk of SIDS.
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Wed, 11-23-2011 - 2:41pm
All my babies loved the paci. Jack really wants something to suck on constantly. He'd be attached at my breast 24/7 without one. Plus, it's now said to help with SIDS prevention so as long as its not used for too long (mine gave them up by 2), I say go for it! :) My daughter did the thumb sucking...way harder to break.

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