Put on Maternity Pants today!!

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Put on Maternity Pants today!!
Wed, 05-04-2011 - 12:46pm

Not that i absolutely had to, but i wanted to try them out for a whole day. I am almost to the point where i will have to wear maternity pants exclusively soon, like maybe in a week or 2. I already went up one normal pants size, i refuse to go up another pants size, so maternity pants it is.



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Wed, 05-04-2011 - 12:51pm

I've been wearing them for a few weeks now, just because they are so comfortble.

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Wed, 05-04-2011 - 1:12pm
I am in mine too. I am 12 weeks with #4, so I had to get into them or have nothing to wear.
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Wed, 05-04-2011 - 3:37pm
Yup! Have been for weeks now!
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Wed, 05-04-2011 - 3:54pm

I've had mine on for a little while. But I've also been wearing my regular pants with my belly band, but that won't work much longer. :/ and I need more maternity pants. Maybe when I go home to Florida this weekend, I'll hit up the thrift stores and see if I can find some...

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Wed, 05-04-2011 - 4:14pm
I just bought my first pair of maternity jeans on Monday. They seem so comfortable! I'm not quite ready to wear them exclusively, but I'm getting close. I'm going to wear them for the first time tomorrow, so when we go out to supper my pants won't be miserably tight! LOL

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Wed, 05-04-2011 - 6:50pm
I've been wearing mine for a few weeks too... they're just so comfty!

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Wed, 05-04-2011 - 7:19pm
I have been wearing mine for a couple of 2-3 weeks now. They are just so much more comfortable than regular pants. At this point I have very few regular pants I could squeeze into. Haha! I am 13 weeks with my 3rd.
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Wed, 05-04-2011 - 8:55pm

Oh yes have been wearing them for a couple weeks.

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Thu, 05-05-2011 - 8:21am

I busted out the maternity clothes at the end of week 9 which I didn't want to do. There's still such a risk of miscarriage in the first trimester that I wanted to keep my preg a secret for as long as I could, but I can't any more.

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Thu, 05-05-2011 - 11:21am

I only have capri maternity pants, because I didn't figure I'd need them until the weather got warmer (which in CO usually isn't until the end of May!). I only have one pair of jeans that fit

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