Your Baby's Weight at Birth...

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Your Baby's Weight at Birth...
Mon, 07-11-2011 - 2:26pm

Featured on the Today Show, was parents in Texas of a very large baby boy...16lbs!

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Mon, 07-11-2011 - 2:28pm
For me, my babies got smaller and they were all full term.
Kelsey was 8lbs. 3oz.
Aiden was 7lbs. 11oz.
Rian was 6lbs. 7oz.

Can I just say,!! He's a cutie though! :) But yikes! On the show, they were saying they had to go out and buy all new baby clothes because the clothes they purchased were obviously too small. Craziness!

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Mon, 07-11-2011 - 3:19pm
My twins were born one day shy of 36 weeks.
Ethan weighed 4 pounds 10 ounces
Gracyn weighed 5 pounds 2 ounces

It will be interesting to see how big this baby is assuming I make it to my c-section at 39 weeks.
Boy/girl twins, Ethan Neil and Gracyn Marie were born January 7, 2010!
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Mon, 07-11-2011 - 3:25pm

haha you beat me to it! I was gonna do a qotd like this :) My biggest was 7.6 lbs.. I cant imagine how it would be like to carry a 16 lb baby or anything.. I am thin and tall i carry babies well but not THAT well.. ouchie! And here i am complaining how uncomfy i been latly with all this pressure ive been experiencing.. Wonder how big her belly got

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Mon, 07-11-2011 - 3:43pm
Great minds think alike Michelle! ;) Good big was her belly? I saw a Mom at the pool today who was clearly carrying multiples and I looked down and wondered why I was complaining. ;)

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Mon, 07-11-2011 - 4:04pm
16 pounds, I cannot imagine!

Jackson was 7lb 15 oz
Allie was 7lb 14 oz.

Both were full term.
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Mon, 07-11-2011 - 4:09pm

I had a little guy...(born a week early) 6lbs

WOW!!! 16lbs....YIKES!!!! I could not imagine!!! Carsen is a little guy and only weighed 20lbs at 1 year....that is only 4 lbs more than that baby at birth. Good thing for C-sections :)


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Mon, 07-11-2011 - 4:13pm
Malcolm was 7lb 10 oz. They thought he was going to be over 10 based off of my last min U/S though and that's how I ended up with a csection. Wanted to give everyone that warning just incase since the time is starting to loom upon us. U/S weights can be very wrong, and not just by the 10% that my doctor told me was the margin of error.
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Mon, 07-11-2011 - 5:11pm

I am new to this board... was on the dec one, but my due date got bumped up to around Nov. 22.

I am pregnant with my fifth, and my other little ones were...

Jaymeson 9lbs 13 oz (term)

Sydney 8lbs 5.5 oz (38 weeks)

Presley 9lbs 9oz (term)

Phoenyx 10lbs 4 oz (term)

I am expecting this little man to be large too, but not even close to 16 lbs.... wow

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Mon, 07-11-2011 - 5:51pm
Landon was born at 35 weeks and was 4lb 12oz. This one will be induced at or around 36 weeks, so my guess is no bigger than 6 if he follows anything close to his brother.

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Mon, 07-11-2011 - 6:10pm

My daughter was 8.14 and son was 9.11 - both were a week early. I guess that won't be any comparison to this time with twins. I hope they are 4 or 5 lbs and I can take them home right away. I'm sure I'll be freaked out by babies that TEENY after I'm used to big ones. I wanted to bring them both home in the same outfit, but my daughter barely fit in the newborn size, and my son wouldn't fit in the outfit at all, so my husband had to run out and get another outfit to bring him home.

Not sure if I should get preemie clothes???

Becky - mom to dd 15 and ds 13