Alison Catherine

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Alison Catherine
Mon, 11-14-2011 - 8:50pm

Short Story: My water broke on the 8th .(38w1d) Went into the hospital where we attempted a VBAC but it didn't work out. Had a csection at 7:33am on the 9th and Alison Catherine was born beautiful and healthy. She weighed 6lb10oz and was 19 inches long.

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Mon, 11-14-2011 - 9:43pm
Congratulations on the arrival of Alison. Looking forward to pictures.
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Tue, 11-15-2011 - 5:26am
Congratulations!! That's quite the story but so glad all worked out and you have your baby girl now :)

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Tue, 11-15-2011 - 10:46am
Congratulations on the birth of your sweet baby girl. Welcome to the world, Alison.

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Tue, 11-15-2011 - 8:21pm
Congrats on the birth of your daughter!
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Wed, 11-16-2011 - 10:10am

Yikes sorry you had to have a csec! But glad it all worked out at the end. Hugs! Glad she is here safe and sound!

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Wed, 11-16-2011 - 9:27pm
Hooray for happy endings!! :-)
Congratulations & welcome Alison!!
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Sat, 11-19-2011 - 7:20am
Happy birthday to Alison! Congratulations to you! I hope you are recovering well from your c/s.