DHA - Curious about personal experiences

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DHA - Curious about personal experiences
Fri, 08-19-2011 - 2:00pm

I think awhile back someone had made a post about DHA, so I hope this isn't repetitive. Anyway, I have been taking DHA since before I conceived and recently switched to a more expensive brand, but I guess, a

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Fri, 08-19-2011 - 2:09pm
I've used DHA for all 3 of my babies now. I don't know how much might be natural, and how much may have been augmented by the DHA but my DS is very intelligent. Too smart if you ask DH and I. He was counting to 10 by 18 months, and doing puzzles at 13 months. We'd set 5 different puzzles in front of him with all their pieces out and he'd get every single one with no misses. DD is also very smart, but in different ways. She learns words and names very quickly, and she's already speaking in 3-4 word sentenses. And she copies everything we do, you can tell she's just soaking everything in. I'm taking the DHA again this time. It also helps my skin be not so itchy, and I've heard it's very good with cholesterol.
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Fri, 08-19-2011 - 3:02pm
Hi there, I'm lurking from the March EC. Saw your post, and just wanted to throw out there that I agree with you about taking DHA although I don't have any anecdotal support (I'm pg with my first). My doc prescribed me a prenatal with DHA! This is it: https://www.prenate.com/prenate/prenateDHA/default.aspx

It's a little pricey - my copay is $65 for a 3 month supply. But I honestly don't mind paying about $20 a month for really high quality prenatals. I found some chewable prenatals at walmart and target that contain dha too. I think they are vita fusion. I was just thinking that if you took a prenatal with DHA it might cut down on the cost. You can also buy eggs and milk that are fortified with dha too. Flax seeds, avocados, salmon, and walnuts are a few more natural sources of DHA. Unfortunately at 9 weeks all of those foods repulse me so for now I will have to stick with my vitamin! But I imagine you have a healthy appetite at this point. Good luck! :)
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Sat, 08-20-2011 - 2:53pm
I took it with my twins and they are extremely intelligent, not sure if the dha is the reason though. My daughter is 19 months and talks in sentences, knows her abc, colors, and shapes. She can count to 15 and recognizes and identifies many numbers and letters correctly. My son knows many colors, can count to 5 and recognizes and identifies some letters and numbers. He is more creative and mechanical though. He tells us what he is drawing and can figure out electronics very quickly. He already knows how to start a movie on the wii if it is turned on and can figure out how to turn almost anything on and off.

My dr did highly recommend a vitamin with dha and I am taking it again this time.

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Mon, 08-22-2011 - 5:38pm

The health benefits of Omega-3's are just astounding.

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Mon, 08-22-2011 - 8:43pm

Really good information. I don't really have a lot of expectations, but I would love if my kid is a smart as your little ones.