Flu Season is Upon Us

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Flu Season is Upon Us
Fri, 09-02-2011 - 10:21am

Flu season is just around the corner...Who is getting the Flu Shot and Who is Opting out?

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Fri, 09-02-2011 - 10:40am
I will get it. DD goes to daycare. Who knows what she will bring hone. I am already miserable enough as OT is. I don't need the flu too.
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Fri, 09-02-2011 - 1:12pm
Im not sure.. Prob not since im stuck at home.. But then again with baby in house whether she is preemie or not.. Decisions...

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Fri, 09-02-2011 - 1:15pm

I hope to get it on the 8th.

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Fri, 09-02-2011 - 4:38pm
I've never had a flu shot (not sure why, I've been vaccinated for everything else growing up!) I'll probably opt in this year because I want to protect the babies.
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Fri, 09-02-2011 - 5:07pm
I will not get it. I will try to avoid getting it for the kids too, unless it becomes an issue with kindergarten and/or preschool.
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Sat, 09-03-2011 - 1:55pm
I'm getting it and I need to remember to get an appt for DS to get his as well. I think it's important with a new baby around.