I might have just done the stupidest thing.

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I might have just done the stupidest thing.
Tue, 09-27-2011 - 3:41pm

We bought a house today! Closing is Oct 31st (so technically, we haven't bought a house. But our offer was accepted)

I don't know whether I should wish this girl would come before or after the move.

All I know is that my husband (along with some FABULOUS friends!) will be working very hard over the next month to get everything ready to move!

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Wed, 09-28-2011 - 2:37am
Congratulations! Wonderful news! We've bought s home recently too and I'm looking forward to bringing home ds2 to our own home! Enjoy!
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Tue, 09-27-2011 - 8:01pm
Congratulations! I hope everything goes smoothly. Definitely keep your feet kicked up and let everyone else do the work. ;-)
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Tue, 09-27-2011 - 7:13pm
I think it's a great thing! We also just bought a house and close on the 14th of October. Very exciting, but sometimes I just feel as we're putting too much on our plate. I completely understand what you're going through!!

It will all work out fabulously!! :)
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Tue, 09-27-2011 - 5:39pm
Congrats! Try not to get overwhelmed. It's not good for the baby ;) Just relax and let everyone else take care of you!
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Tue, 09-27-2011 - 4:09pm
Awe! :D That's really awesome though! I hope closing goes really well and the move is nice and smooth! I think you'll look back and say, this is the best thing! ;)

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