Leg swelling post partum

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Leg swelling post partum
Sun, 11-06-2011 - 11:40pm

Hi all, I am wondering if anyone has had this at all..I have pretty good leg swelling after my c-section last wed. I started to notice it late Fri/sat. I did have some trouble with it before pregnancy, but nothing really during preg. I just hope it goes away!!

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Mon, 11-07-2011 - 8:54am
I had leg/foot/hand swelling after I had my DD for a few days. I never had any issues while I was pregnant and no one ever told me about post partum swelling! It was really weird but I have heard that it's normal. I had a vag birth though, not sure if there's a difference when having a c section.
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Mon, 11-07-2011 - 9:36am
I had it for a few days after my csec gope urs goes away soon

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