Staying Fit Mamas

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Staying Fit Mamas
Tue, 06-14-2011 - 11:18am

I was wondering who is continuing to work out throughout this pregnancy and what kinds of activities you are doing.

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Tue, 06-14-2011 - 4:52pm
Good for you for hiking! I'm impressed - I always get out of breath easily, but used to hike anyway (with lots of breaks), but now that I'm pregnant it's even more of a problem and I've stopped hiking altogether.

I walk to work (25 minutes each way) so that's my main way of staying in shape. I also try to do yoga, but have had a hard time fitting it in lately, especially because the class I usually go to keeps getting canceled when I actually have time to go. I also went swimming this past weekend and aim to keep that up as long as I can for the rest of the pregnancy, at least once a week.

Maybe your husband can watch your son in the mornings or evenings so that you can still get some worry-free treadmill time? Or just walk with your son around the neighborhood, albeit at a somewhat slower pace :).
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Wed, 06-15-2011 - 3:16pm
Yep, I'm trying to exercise at least 3 times/week, I've cut my workouts back from lots of lifting And 90 minutes of cardio every time to just light cardio for at least 45 minutes. I try to monitor my heart rate and keep it at 145. I love Zumba class, watching my pregnant self shake it in the mirror is Hilarious... if I can't make it to the Y at Zumba time then I do the elliptical, and in a pinch, for now, I can still jog, sort of. Yesterday morning I'd gone 1.5 miles on pretty hilly terraine before the brackston hicks got to me, and I walked the last mile. I'm eating healthy but having a daily dessert, feeling good!!!
I'm 5'5" and had just started getting healthy before I found out I was preggers...
Weight, January 1 this year 190
March 5 (day I found out I was pregnant) 174
Today (almost 19 weeks pregnant) 173

My doc has no concerns, and I've been very honest with her about all of my activities. What a relief after gaining 60 lbs with my first, and 40 with my second. My goal this time is 20, and I think I'm gonna make it!