Favorite baby brands?

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Favorite baby brands?
Fri, 08-05-2011 - 3:37pm

Do you have any favorite baby brands that you CANT live without? There's somethings I will buy generic forms of, but others not so much bc the quality just isnt the same for me. Here's mine:

Diapers: (disposables) Both of my kids used Pampers Swaddlers at first. DD still uses Pampers, but I think DS fit better in Huggies. This LO is going to be CD'd exclusively once we're home tho!

Wipes: I only use Huggies wipes! To me, they are the thickest and work the best. The pampers wipes are too thin and so are the store brand ones, IMO.

Diaper cream: I'm a huge Desitin fan! It seems to spread the easiest and has always worked great for my kiddos! If they had a really bad rash tho, I would either use Dr. Smiths or Triple Paste, but it's expensive!

Clothes: I LOVE Carters! I think they make about the best quality baby clothes and they're super cute too! But I only buy them onsale! I also buy Target and Walmart brand clothes too and they seem to hold up pretty well as well!

Sleepers: I think The Children's Place makes the best sleepers! (or stretchies as they call them!) I much prefer zippers over snaps, especially in the early weeks when your so sleep deprived!!

Blankets: Aden and Anais Muslin swaddle blankets are so soft and easy to use!! Love them!

Carseat: Love my Graco seats!! All 3 kiddos will be in Graco seats!

Baby Wash/Lotion: I used to be hardcore Johnson's only, but I really like the Target Up & Up brand as well! Especially their night time wash/lotion! It smells SO good!!

Bottles: Playtex Drop-In's. They were so easy and convient! We are also planning on using the BreastFlow bottles this time around as well! The Avent leaked WAY to much IMO.

Pump: LOVE the Medela PISA!

This is all I can think of right now! But I'll add more as I think of it! :)

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Fri, 08-05-2011 - 6:55pm
Diapers: My DS only fit in Pampers, except the swim diapers, we prefer Huggies. This new LO will be Pampers as well.

Wipes: We love the huggies too for the same reason.

Cream: I'm a Boudreaux's Butt paste girl

Clothes: Any that are cute, but I do love Pumpkin Patch when they're a little older for the more unique items.

Carseat: We're Graco for infant and Recaro for toddler

Baby Wash: Johnson's or Target

Baby Lotion: Aveeno, my DS had sensitive skin and this is the only thing that didn't irritate it.

Bottles: We're a drop-ins family too. So easy and convenient we're doing it again.

Pump: Love my AMEDA. Just need to get new tubes.
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Fri, 08-05-2011 - 7:36pm


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Diapers: With DD, we swore by Pampers Swaddlers in the beginning. Then we moved to Huggies as she got older. When we got rid of our Sam's Club membership we moved to the Walmart (Parents Choice) and Target (Up&Up) generic brands and both worked great for her! For potty training pants it was Huggies Pull-Ups ONLY for us! We tried the Pampers and some generic (that were given to us for free) but they don't have the re-seal sides which were HORRIBLE for big poopy messes!!!

Wipes: I have no preference. I'll use whatever is cheapest. Though, now that a couple of you have mentioned a difference in thickness between Huggies and Pampers - and I have both stocked up! - I'll pay attention when baby gets here!!! I want to say we usually bought the Target brand wipes usually.

Diaper cream: Again, I'll use anything. Usually the generic to save a bit of $$ But Allie didn't get diaper rash very often, so I never noticed a difference in quality. I always spread it on with a wipe so I didn't have to touch it!

Clothes: Carters is the number one brand for me!!! If I could have EVERYTHING in my children's wardrobe be made by Carters I'd be a happy camper!!! Target brand is ok - just not for the fleece sleepers, they don't hold up well over time!

Sleepers: I love the Carter's sleepers.

Carseat: I, too, love my Graco snugride! Allie is in the convertable Graco as well which works nice. She's only 28lbs at 4 years old so I think she'll be in it for a while... lol

Baby Wash/Lotion: I like the Johnson & Johnson's stuff - but not the regular kind! It stinks! I love the... Milk and Honey baby wash I think it is? We got so much baby wash as gifts for Allie 4 years ago that we still have a pile!!!
I don't like using baby lotion on babies. I prefer to coat my baby's in baby powder instead! I do use the Milk and Honey scent lotion on Allie now though! (When she doesn't insist on using my Victoria's Secret stuff! LOL)

Bottles: Allie was FF and would take any bottle at all. So we just used the super cheap ones from Target/Walmart. Evenflow maybe?

Jumper: Rainforest Jump-A-Roo - This was the BEST purchase we made last time around!!! Allison would play in this thing for hours I swear! She'd fall asleep in it. If she was in it she was happy! (From the get go she was a mover!)

Mungojim - we've got the Fisher Price Papasan Swing ("Starlight") for this LO and I'm so excited to try it out! I hope she loves it! We had the F.P. Rainforest swing for Allie but it was recalled 4 years ago and we replaced it with the jump-a-roo because she was getting past the point of wanting to be in a swing.

I think that's about all I've got. Overall, I love generic because it's cheaper! Except if given a choice I'd choose Carter's clothes every time!!!
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Sat, 08-06-2011 - 8:57am

Diapers: Huggies always worked best for my girls, but found that Luvs/Store brand actually fit my son better.

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Mon, 08-08-2011 - 3:57pm

I think I probably mirror Kate perfectly here....

Diapers: Also love the Pampers swaddlers for babies...once they're bigger older I'm less discriminate. I have found that Target diapers work GREAT, actually better than Luvs (Luvs almost hold TOO much and they get so saggy!)

Wipes: DEFINITELY Huggies wipes over Pampers. I don't really have a problem with the generics either (again, Target) once I know there aren't any skin sensitivies.

Diaper cream: I second Desitin! We have it in all the bags/purses, changing stations. But Burt's Bee's is my "Deluxe" brand...

Clothes: I'll go with Clearance and Consignment! LOL. I'm a sucka for anyplace that's running a good sale. Everything is outgrown so fast, I just can't see paying full price for anything!

Blankets: Aden and Anais--These were my splurge purchase with my last baby and they were GREAT. I have since loaned them out to friends and family, and they just keep getting softer and softer! Highly recommend to all....

Carseat: Also have had the Graco snug ride for previous babes. Now moving to the Sunshine Radian seats for my older ones.

Baby Wash/Lotion: Tend to go the J&J route, but again, if there's no skin sensitivies I'll go with whatever. NOTE: I have recently converted to Method's 3-in-1 wash for my other 2 (4yr and 22mos). It's very gently, works head to toe, and my children smell like peaches! LOVE IT!

Bottles: I really don't have a preference.

Pump: AMEN to Medela!