Friday 5's!

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Friday 5's!
Fri, 06-10-2011 - 8:40am

What are 5 things you would buy if you won the lottery?!

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Fri, 06-10-2011 - 8:43am's my 5!

A new house! Bigger, but not extremely bigger!

A Range Rover or new Sienna (maybe both lol!)

All new furniture, for all of us!!

Shoes! Lot's of shoes!

I would travel the world for like a month or until I was done seeing everything I've been dying to see! :) (Hello Eiffel Tower and Harrods!)

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Fri, 06-10-2011 - 9:33am
A few weeks on a island in the middle of no where
Buy a house with at least 5 bedrooms, a big pool with lots of land
Buy a hybrid suv
Take Ty to Disney
Start my own business

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Fri, 06-10-2011 - 9:51am
LOL at your Harrods comment Kate!

Save your furniture shopping budget for your trip there! I am not a shopper, but could have stayed in Harrods for a week straight!
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Fri, 06-10-2011 - 10:31am
A new house

Pay for kids college funds

New Car

New Furniture

New Clothes!

... I'm boring! ... LoL

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Fri, 06-10-2011 - 11:51am


Buy a bigger house

Send DD to private school

Pay off the mortgages of our families

Have a fantastic vacation

And buy some more handbags - a girl can never have too many!


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Fri, 06-10-2011 - 1:55pm
I would send a big donation to my favorite Pekingese rescue
I would put aside enough money for my son to go to college and not have to take out loans
I would put at least half in savings
Buy a hybrid car
Get DH all the painting supplies he wants!
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Fri, 06-10-2011 - 3:08pm
Well, I'm cheap and I'm pretty sure giving me money isn't going to change that! haha

But I would:

1. fix up the rest of my house, then sell and buy a new nicer house (after I've been here 7 years so I don't have to pay back the $8,000 I got 2 years ago from the housing crisis!)

2. Pay to have my parents kitchen remodeled.

3. Just take time off to be with the new baby and DD for a while before finding a new job! (not really "spending" but definitely counts!)

4. Buy 2 new vehicles - one for me and one for DH - both with 4 wheel drive, good gas mileage, and enough room for at least 3 kids (just in case we have one more after this!)

5. FINALLY go on my honeymoon to Hawaii!!! lol
- Caroline

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Sun, 06-12-2011 - 1:55pm
I am SUCH a slacker with these things lately. Ugh. I don't think I'd "buy" things so much as I'd pay things off. And as odd as it sounds, I wouldn't pay off our house because I want the tax deduction every year. I'd buy DH and I new cars (as much as I love mine, it would be nice to have something brand new with no payment). I'd pay off all of our debt, including my student loans, and put a nice down payment on a bigger house.

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