Friday Fives!!

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Friday Fives!!
Fri, 05-13-2011 - 11:05am

What are you 5 favorite things about Summertime!!

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Fri, 05-13-2011 - 11:07am

My 5 favorite things about summer are:

1. Grilling out with friends!

2. The sunshine! :)

3. Kids being out of school!

4. Garage sales!!

5. New show's starting!

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Fri, 05-13-2011 - 12:17pm

1. Family walks

2. Picnics

3. Cute summer outfits for DD :smileyhappy:

4. Being able to hang my laundry outside to dry

5. Light evenings


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Fri, 05-13-2011 - 1:43pm

I get to sleep in!

The kids are out of school

I have no where to be

flowers (although we are in an apt this year, we will be moving next summer!

popsicles (SP?)





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Fri, 05-13-2011 - 1:47pm

My five favorite things about Summer are

1) Mornings at the beach (or evenings)

2) Boats

3) Grilling out (good one, Kate!)

4) That feeling right before the afternoon thunderstorms hit

5) Fireflies--though I don't get to see them nearly as much here on the coast. I miss them!

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Fri, 05-13-2011 - 2:39pm
1) The beach
2) grilling out (although I do this year round, there's just something about the summertime that's best)
3) my skin browning nicely
4) all the playing outside
5) flowers
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Fri, 05-13-2011 - 2:41pm

My 5 favorite things about summer are:

1. The weather - I LOVE the heat!

2. Day trips with the kids on weekdays!

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Fri, 05-13-2011 - 4:13pm
Ooh, the shaved ice totally reminding me of a bonus one....the ice cream truck!!!!! I'm such a little kid.
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Fri, 05-13-2011 - 7:22pm

bbq food!

swimming outside


summer vacations

the cute little tan line my son gets from his swim shorts

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Sat, 05-14-2011 - 1:27am

1. The heat! (the way I despise cold/winter you'd never guess I've spent all my 26 years in Minnesota! LOL - but we'll see how I feel by July being pregnant with no working A/C!!! haha)

2. SUMMER VACATION! (going up north with DH, DD and staying in a cabin with my parents for a few days and fishing and sandwiches and no TV and lots of reading and the beach and.....

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