How involved is your partner with baby care?

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How involved is your partner with baby care?
Mon, 09-19-2011 - 11:31am

Figuring out all the new relationships and roles when a new baby arrives can be very challenging. Most new parents are surprised by what they learn about themselves and their partners when a baby comes.

Baby care: 7 ways to get dad involved-

Does your DH/SO actively help out with baby care? Does your partner change diapersor get up in the middle of the night? What doesn't he do that you wish he would?

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Fri, 09-23-2011 - 11:20am
My DH helps as much as he can. When we were supplementing with formula, he would give her the bottles. He changes her diaper when he's home, helps with our 3 year old, and makes dinner if I'm too tired. He even slept on the couch with me until he had to go back to work. I wish he could do something at 3am when she's fussy but he has to sleep because of work. I can't complain too much :)

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