How's the "to do" list coming along?

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How's the "to do" list coming along?
Sun, 07-31-2011 - 9:02pm

The countdown is ON.

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Mine is dwindling down! I've been doing way more than I'm supposed to do being on bedrest, but DH hasnt been wanting to do ANYTHING to get ready and I was going crazy not having anything ready! We still have to paint/stain the dresser and recover the glider. We're getting DD"s toddler bed this week so atleast I can put the crib back together! (it's converted for her right now!)

I too went thru our closets and organized the hell out of them! I cleared out so much crap that we actually have room for stuff now! LOL I also went thru all my pre-pregnancy clothes and got rid of everything that I havent worn in years! (I tend to *bond* so to speak with some of my clothes! LOL)

I did finally get DH to dig out the swing, bouncer, bassinet and pnp and got all the covers/bedding washed for those! I still have to sterilize the bottles and my pump parts, but I'm not planning on using those right away so I may wait on those!

I have my hospital bag and her hospital bag packed and ready to go! (mine I still have to throw some of my daily things in, like hairbrush and make up!) I also finally got some small gDiaper liners, so I have those all prepped and stuffed as well!

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I probably should make a to-do list, lol!

I need to register at the hospital, but my OB hasn't given me the info yet, maybe at today's appointment.
I need to find a place to put my baby's dresser and put their stuff in it.
I need to finalize my birth plan.
I need to wash over all the baby toys we have.
I need to put the car seat in the car.
I need to get the one-size cloth diapers I have in position and with the correct inserts for a newborn.
I need to pack the hospital bags.

I have washed all the baby gear we got off a friend and washed all the clothes we had from the other two kiddos.
I have put the bassinet together in the bedroom.

I'm sure there are more things I need to do, but I can't think of them now.

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Well since I am at the end of Sept and have 8 weeks left, I have just started on my "to do" list.





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I've got so much to do still it's not even funny. We have to bring the bassinet, swing, glider, and rocker up from the basement. We have to get the crib and dresser from my mom's and put them together. I have TONS of clothes to wash. I have to get the infant seat from my mom's and put it in my car. Our bags aren't packed yet. Yeah. I really need to start getting stuff done here lol.

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Ohmigosh, I started typing out everything I still have to do and got completely overwhelmed! So I deleted it all and, suffice it to say, I have a $h!tload to do!

Oy Ve.

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6 1/2 weeks left for me! AHHH! And that's only if I don't go early!!!!

I've actually got more done now than I anticipated though! I had originally planned to start washing clothes when I got back from vacation (mid next week) but ended up doing it last month! I've washed a bunch of toys that were in storage, I've got both bouncer seats washed, just need to put them back on.

I REALLY want to deep clean the house, but that is NOT going to happen until at LEAST next week!!! Our carpet is being installed on Wed so that'll be a big weight off my shoulders! Then we can actually start PUTTING stuff away!!!

I've got a stockpile of diapers - box of newborn, few boxes/bags of 1's and 2's as well. Some wipes and refills.
Our new swing is set up (much to DH's annoyance! LOL DH: "Why can't you wait until after the carpet is installed to put it together????" Me: "Because I want to make sure it works NOW!" lol)

I just feel like once the carpet is in I'll be able to actually GET stuff done!!!!!!!!!!

I told DH that in the next month HE has to clean the bathroom (because he hasn't once really cleaned it in the almost 2 years we've lived here - and let's not talk about the 2 years in our apartment! LOL) I told him I'm not taking a sitz bath in a tub that had DD's poopy underwear sitting in it!!!
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I've been wittling the list down, and at the same time it seems to keep growing.

We have almost everything bought. Clothes weren't really an issue - just a few new sleepers, some in newborn. I had almost no newborn clothes for my DS because you know 8-12lbs sounds perfectly adequate for a newborn and they look so small. Why waste my money on newborn size? Yea, well he was 7lbs6oz at birth and all of his 0-3 stuff swamped him completely. The sleeper he wore home from the hospital was ridiculously big and he was a complete gypsy the first couple weeks. Our first major trip out after his birth (OB for mastitis) he was dressed in the pink and blue striped hospital hat, a polka dotted sleeping gown, and yellow pants.

Any way, I now own newborn size. Just need to wash them and the other clothes. I also need to get the boys' dressers rearranged, get a second hanging rod for the boys' closet, and get a hanging rack to hang over their closet door.

Still to Buy: Bottles. I will be nursing, but the baby will be getting bottles from daddy after the first 2-3 weeks. I'm still debating which brand to buy - Breastflow (used with DS, didn't like how often the nipple collapsed, or the messy cleanups), MAM (BF friendly, but only available online, so I can't check one out in person), DR. Brown's wide-mouth, or possibly Vent-Aire.

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