I actually felt like "me" for a couple days.

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I actually felt like "me" for a couple days.
Mon, 05-16-2011 - 9:00am

Some crazy miraculous thing happened Friday and Saturday, where I actually felt like me. i was perky, energetic and happy. Then, Saturday night it started to crumble and I crashed bad on Sunday, sleeping most the days and back to feel achy, swollen, tired and miserable. That has been the first repreive the entire time I've been pregnant. my husband just kept looking at me like I was crazy. lol. I think he'd nearly forgotten how I was before I got preggo. I'm now back to craving feeling good, but it's just making me feel more miserable. Anyone else feeling the same way or had a little repreive?

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I had 1 day where I was just full of energy...got a bunch of stuff done around the house, ran errands without getting exhausted and then boom!!!!!! That was done. Now I back to feeling worn out all the time. Somedays I just really wish I had my energy back. This morning putting in a load of laundry and running the vacuum just about did me in and its not even 1030am yet!! So really with everything else I have left to do today, the day hasn't even begun.

On a brighter note-we are more than half way there :-)

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I dont really have days where I feel good, more like spurts throughout the day! I will get alot of energy to do stuff and end up doing TOO much and then feeling like crap and crashing! It's always nice when I do get those little spurts tho, bc I tend to get alot done!

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I hear ya ladies!

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