Inductions, C-sections, Spontaneous, etc.

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Inductions, C-sections, Spontaneous, etc.
Sat, 08-20-2011 - 11:54am

My doc has a plan.

He'd like to induce me at 39 weeks.

The debate over whether or not this is a good idea has reached epic proportions in this house.


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Sat, 08-20-2011 - 1:08pm
IMO, some people can just have small babies. It seems to me that your doctor is very on top of this matter, where there could be a problem. It also seems like there is not a problem. I have had 3 babies, the first not induced, the last two were induced. With my second, I went to my apt and was asked if I wanted to have my baby that day, of course I said yes! After wards I have always regretted it. Not everyone does. I did have problems when in labor with him, they had an entire team of people in the room when he was delivered waiting for something bad to happen. It was quite scary for all involved. I never did dilate all the way, and the doctor had to use the vacuum to get him out quickly. My nurse also said that my doc. saved me from having an emergency c-section. With my last pg, I too wanted all the things your mentioning. It was just easier to have a scheduled birth. We have moved away from family and my mom was to be in town for 3 weeks. So it just made alot of sense to have it scheduled . But I kept going back to the fact that I had regretted being induced with my son. So at about 30 weeks I told them to cancel it, I did not want to do that anymore. After mentioning it at several apts, they never really did cancel it. I got a call at the hospital the day before and well being 39 weeks pg, I was done! I do believe that my kids should have choosen their own b-days! I do feel bad about it, because it was done for me and not them, (I know that is not your situation). You may never regret it, and thats okay, it just depends on what you want and feel about the situation! Most people tend to lean one way or the other, I say go with your gut! Although I did not have horrible birth experiences I do wish I could redo some of my decisions. I think your in good hands with the specialist making sure the placenta is working properly. You have a difficult decision to make. Those are just my birth stories and I am not judging anyone who chooses otherwise. Everyone has to make these decisions according to what works best for their own situation. Let us know what you decide!!! Good luck!





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Sat, 08-20-2011 - 2:24pm

Actually Im looking at a planned birth..Whether it be because she's still breech and requres a c-section or because of the cholestasis Ive been dealing with..I would voice your concerns to the doc and weigh the pros and con's..which Im sure youre already doing..LOL.. Also have a talk about the possible necessity of a planned delivery with your husband..After all he is a man and has no idea what youre going through..LOL

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Sat, 08-20-2011 - 6:08pm

In my situation, the placenta failed sometime between 30 and 36 weeks.

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Sat, 08-20-2011 - 11:37pm
I am TOTALLY in your boat, just a slightly different situation. My due date is September 7. I had a c-section with my son due to failure to progress/failed induction. My doctor is VBAC friendly, but he still wants me to consider a repeat c-section on September 1 (39 weeks 1 day). I had an ultrasound yesterday and baby girl was measuring 7lbs 6oz. Mind you, DS was only 7lbs 13oz when he was born at either 39w3d or 40w3d...there is still some question about my LMP with him.

ANYWAY. I absolutely hear where you are coming from, to be able to schedule a birth and have a controlled environment, etc.. And, to be honest, I'm a little afraid of the whole labor and "natural" child birth thing, ONLY because I don't know what to expect. I know what will happen with my c-section, and I know that the hospital where I deliver is wonderful in that I was breastfeeding DS a mere 5 minutes after being stitched up. My recovery was relatively easy, etc. But, I also know that there is no guarantee that things will go as smoothly as last time, especially since I now have my DS to chase around and take care of once all of my help goes back to work.

IMO, if you and your baby are healthy, I'd wait until at least your due date before going the intervention route. More often than not, I really wish that I was (1) more certain about my dates with DS (2) a little more patient and (3) had taken my OB up on his offer to let me "go home and come back in a week" instead of just opting for the c-section.

Good luck! I hope you can find the right decision for you and your family :)

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Sat, 08-20-2011 - 11:40pm
Based on the info you've given, I'm not sure why they think there is a problem. Your other kids were small babies, so why is it a big deal this time?

I was 6lbs 3oz, my brother was 6lbs 7oz. My mom DID lose a baby prior to that (probably about 35 years ago - give or take) due to the placenta failing.

If I were in your shoes, I'd opt for the close monitoring. But that's just me. I wouldn't want the risk of a failed induction resulting in a c-sec!

Weigh all of your options carefully though, it's a big decision, and ultimately what is important is that you and your baby are both healthy.
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Sun, 08-21-2011 - 10:05pm
I've never experienced an induction like others have (I was technically induced after I was in full blown labor and already 9.5 cm was an attempt to get me to go a complete 10, which I never could due to scar tissue)...In your situation, I would opt for close monitoring, and that's because I've had a c-section. I had a very easy recovery from my c-section, yet I have zero desire to repeat the experience, and I'm quite certain that if I end up with another, I will NOT be able to care for my 3 year old as he needs me to, and I'll have to farm out his care to others for at least 2 weeks, if not longer.

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Mon, 08-22-2011 - 1:34pm

Thanks so much, everyone, for responding.

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Fri, 09-02-2011 - 12:35pm

I just wanted to give a quick update on this.

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Sat, 09-03-2011 - 1:27pm
Thsi is my first pregnancy, so I dont' have any advice on induction vs naturally going into labor. but my OB is also scheduling my induction for 39w2d (he wanted 39w1d but my MIL won't be able to be back in town that day). I've been on BP meds since about 12 weeks and he says that high bp can cause the placenta to age faster. Even though I haven't technically had high bp since on the meds, he says it's a precautionary thing. They don't want the placenta to fail and something catastrophic happened. I was a little surprised by this at first, and kinda hesitant. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized that I'd rather them try to take her early, than something happen to her. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I was given the option to prevent something from happening and didn't take that off and having something go wrong. Does that make sense? So, a scheduled induction scares me, but losing her scares me more!
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Sat, 09-03-2011 - 11:18pm
CherylMommy2b wrote:
So, a scheduled induction scares me, but losing her scares me more!

I totally agree with you!