It's been tooo long (overly emotional)

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It's been tooo long (overly emotional)
Tue, 08-02-2011 - 6:38pm

Hey ladies.. sorry I haven't posted anything on me lately.. I just feel like i have no support every where i look it get nothing it seems. I took some me time and i still feel worse.. its soo bad i even talked to the dr about it. I think im ALREADY depressed.

Im 35 weeks now.. and everything is ready for the baby :) However I long fight of foreclosure has ended.. and we lost. When we bought the house.. I asked the realitor about proptery tax and she said it will only rise 50 at the most.. in one year it went 300 then the next 200 so my 700 dollar mortage.. ended up being 1600.. and we can't afford it on top of everything else lights cell phone internet.. cars... babies.. dogs... and i just threw my towel in and told DH i was done.. its too expensive to live out here and its just not worth it to me any more.. so 2 weeks after im due we are moving. Our credit will be ruined for years.. but what else can we do??

I haven't had any family seem interested in my pregnancy or anything. ONE friend offered to help me for 2 weeks which at the time i was soo estatic and couldn't wait now that they are here.. i can't WAIT for them to leave.. it truly is annoying to continously be playing host. Ive gotten soo irrated lately i can't even stand myself. All they do is eat junk food every 2 hours saying its for heatlh reason.. and i understand people with low blood sugar need to do that.. but that isn't the case here.. hes just lazy.. doesn't excerise or eat right.. he can sit and eat 20 piece chicken nugget and super size fries.. if i even attempted to do it.. i can only eat 7 nuggest and a handful of fries and im done. all he does is sit on his computer and say hes studying for next semester which is great but then again.. why can't he stay in his room doing that.. why must he be up my butt like another child. Any time my phone goes off say text message or phone call he wants to know WHO is taling to me and WHAT about.. I finally snapped one day and told him it was none of his business that they were texting ME not him.. Then every morning i get up at 6am with the boys feed them clean up house a little and here he comes walking in.. going soo whats the latest BS for the day.. OMG dude i seriously dont need to tell you my every move!

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Tue, 08-02-2011 - 10:40pm

GL with your house guest. That sounds like a lot of drama that you don't need. And, just to say, Ewww! Masturbating in your son's bed? That would have been the last straw for me, and will make me think double about ever letting anybody bunk in my DS's bed. I don't suppose it had a matress pad on it? That would probably have protected it. Other than that, maybe take a soapy cloth, handwash the whole surface, let it dry and then flip it.

With regards to the foreclosure, I understand. My DH and I have been there. A year after my DS was born, we knew we couldn't afford the property anymore. We weren't even behind on the mortgage yet, but my husband had lost overtime, etc with the recession, I was out of work and couldn't find work that would balance out once you account for daycare, and you know - we now had a kid. We knew that within six months we would be falling behind.

Rather than try and hold out, we decided to sell, hoping we could break even since we had put a lot of work into the house. Went to sell, looked like we would be able to break even, and then had a home inspector in to look over the property. This home inspector found numerous, serious flaws with the property that our inspector 3 years prior completely missed - Including inadequate insulation (no wonder we could never get our master bedroom above 55 degrees in the winter without a space heater running at full blast. that explains that), bad wiring, and most of all a serious flaw in the foundation that was causing the one wall to buckle and would cost about 12 grand to repair. Awesome. No way to break even. So we tried to manage a short sale (selling it for less than the value of the mortgage, lender eats the cost), but our mortgage company wouldn't work with us. Discovering the giant flaw in the foundation made us even less inclined to stay

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Wed, 08-03-2011 - 11:10am

((HUGS)) Hang in there!! It's almost Friday!! I too would completely 2nd guess EVER having another house guest! Wow that's just disturbing! I hope the next 2 days go by quickly and you can have your house back!! I'm sorry things are falling thru with your mortgage, but like the PP said, maybe it's for the best! All that added stress sure isnt going to help anything, and maybe in a few years ya'll will be able to buy another house again. (I think they said foreclosure stays on your credit for like 7yrs)

I hope your BP continues to stay down and you dont have to be induced! KUP on how your doing!!