Shopping sales for the essentials!

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Shopping sales for the essentials!
Mon, 07-18-2011 - 9:11am

So..Ive been kind of slacking on buying a few things that I know are a must for a new baby...ex. Carseat..LOL..Well while I was out at Meijer last night I happened to come across the exact carseat I origionally wanted and it was on sale half off..So I snatched it up..can't beat $45 dollars on a $90 carseat..and then while walking around Kmart looking at books I happend to wander once again to the baby section and there on sale again for half the Pack 'n' Play I wanted..So I got that too..Now All I need really is my crib and I'll be all set..Im supposed to be picking up one from a family friend but Since my mom passed away its been hard getting motivated to do anything..Anyone else get their stuff on super sale?

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Mon, 07-18-2011 - 9:28am

Most of the stuff we have was given to us.





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Mon, 07-18-2011 - 5:16pm

We have most of what we need, thankfully! DD's old carseat doesnt expire until Sept. 2012

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Mon, 07-18-2011 - 9:29pm
Score on those deals!!!

We have the big ticket items from DD - carseat, crib, etc.

I bought some clothes for the baby with a 30% off discount at Kohls (plus the sale it was already on!) which was awesome... but part of me wishes I hadn't done so BECAUSE my sister got me a WHOLE pile of baby girl stuff for FREE! 2 giant boxes of clothes (ranging from preemie to 2T), a bouncer, a high chair (not the greatest condition, we may or may not use it), a mini-pack n play, a toy that has multiple places for baby to drop in a ball and watch it fall out (DD loves it! LOL), a plastic outdoor swingset, a tall full sized swing, a bouncer seat (so now we have 2.... lol) and I think that's about it....
Before we got all that FREE stuff, my local Once Upon a Child was having a $1 clearance sale and I ended up getting a baptism gown for $3.50, an Easter dress for $1 and various other outfits for $1 each all in great condition! Score!

I'm slightly overwhelmed with how much CRAP we have now!!!!

The only thing I really want that I don't have yet that I want to watch out for sales on, is a portable swing!!! I don't really like the full size one we got, but let's face it, it was FREE and will probably only be used for a short period of time! LOL
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Tue, 07-19-2011 - 10:05am


We have a once upon a child here too and I think all the clothes I purchased came from there all with the origional store tags on them..and at 3 dollars and outfit..can't beat it..I think the only thing I paid close to full price for was her doing cloth this time and had to order them from a CD company..but those werent too bad either as Im going old fashioned and using prefolds..I do still need to pick up blankets for her in girly colors..I have some unisex ones I kept from when I had my boys but she needs a few of her own I suppose..

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