What would dh/you do

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What would dh/you do
Sun, 05-08-2011 - 2:52am

So while i was at the ER.. which by the way I posted an update on my emergency room post.. so you can check there on what happen. But we were there and they were asking questions after questions.. how my birth with number 1 went then number 2.. i made it prefectly CLEAR.. I DO NOT WANT FORESCUP ( can't spell) But the nurse asked me if i wanted my tubes tide.. and i just blurted out YES!! Cause with all the issues ive been having I just can't risk it again. DH gave me a nasty look.. So we get out and he takes me to eat at jack in the box.. and he brought it up.. He reminded me that on our wedding night we promised when it came to our childern we would always mutually agree!.. Hes not done. He didn't think it was fair that I can call that shot.. I explain I wasn't calling the shot.. Medically speaking Im sure a dr would agree my body isn't made for carrying childern. He goes well you had 2 other ones and we got them here FULL term which is a surprise in my situation.. but we did it.. Hes certain we'll do it again.. and if we do.. wouldn't it be worth it.. He wanted 7 kids.. Now hes saying we can meet in the middle with 4. I still dont know.. so I didn't sign the weaver saying i wanted it done. So we still have time to talk. But how does ya'lls DH feel if you were to just decide to get fixed??

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Sun, 05-08-2011 - 4:58am

Honestly? A major decision like that wouldn't be something I would just 'decide' on my own - just like DH wouldn't decide to get fixed without consulting me. It's a major decision for any couple and for us, personally, it would only be reached after a lot of discussion and mutual agreement.


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Sun, 05-08-2011 - 9:20am
I'm sort of jealous! I always wanted 6. Now I can't imagine handling the 3 I'm going to have, but I'd love to have a husband that was supportive of having as many kids as I wanted. If I told Ryan I wanted my tubes tied he'd probably schedule my appointment for me. Though I can understand your husband wanting to talk about it first, definitely your health is a priority.