Where Will Baby Sleep?

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Where Will Baby Sleep?
Mon, 06-20-2011 - 8:59am

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Mon, 06-20-2011 - 9:28am
In a bassinet in our room for at least three months. Then a crib in a bedroom (not sure if sharing with another child or on their own). I tried the co-sleeping route with my son and still have trouble keeping him in his own bed at night at 3.5 years old, so I will not co-sleep again.

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Mon, 06-20-2011 - 11:34am

If we can get the girls moved into the same bedroom by the time the baby gets here he'll sleep in his crib from day one.

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Mon, 06-20-2011 - 12:11pm

We'll do what we did with DD. Our LO will sleep in a bassinet right next to our bed at first. When they outgrow that, they'll be in a crib in our room. S/he will definitely share a room with us for at least 6 months before we move them to their own room. Having the baby right by my bed so I can check on them easily at night gives me peace of mind, plus not having to traipse down the hall is a big plus when you're breastfeeding every 2 hours!


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Mon, 06-20-2011 - 6:20pm

She will be in the mini pack n' play in our room for the first few weeks atleast. Then she will be moved into the crib in DD's room when she starts going longer between feedings!

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Mon, 06-20-2011 - 9:42pm
We do the crib in their own room from day 1. It worked with our first, so we'll be doing it again.
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Mon, 06-20-2011 - 11:10pm
Well, probably for the first few weeks he will sleep in the PnP in our room..then we will get him situated in the crib.
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Tue, 06-21-2011 - 12:05am
Not 100% sure yet. I know we'll start out with baby girl in the bassinet beside the bed in our room. Since I plan on breastfeeding, she'll probably stay there until she's either sleeping mostly through the night or we just feel she's ready to move to her own crib.

And honestly, I'll probably end up co-sleeping most nights like I did with DD#1 - she'd fall asleep at my breast and so would I! We had no trouble transitioning to the crib either when the time came.
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