Would this annoy you or is it a just me thing?

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Would this annoy you or is it a just me thing?
Mon, 05-16-2011 - 12:59am

The most annoying thing you can say to me.. is Im busy with kids.. Mikes oldest sister will go WEEKS without talking.. literally one converstaion she'll say divorce.. 3-4 months later shes talking about going back.. I talk to her maybe 4 times a year over the phone. We use to travel alot to visit family.. But I realized they would never travel to us. Even thought I have a guest bedroom for this reason.. but they never would so I stopped taking the trips. I have yet ot met her youngest son Mason hes 7 months old now. I try to call atleast once a week and either she'll post on fb or she'll text back.. saying sorry im busy with kids. I understand kids are a handle full most days im watching 3 and pregnant.. but I can manage a quick 10 minute phone call to family to keep tthe up to speed on my life. To me it makes it seem like shes hiding something.. adn shes scared it will slip out. I also notice whens he goes a long time without talking thats when something hard is oging on in her life

Daniel lost his job again or cars being taken away. Daniel doesn't come home from work.. Drugs.. just alot of stuff.. stuff youd think shed wanna tell her brother.. or even their mom and dad.. My dh has made several trips to help move her out on her many attempts to leave daniel.. so much he made 6 in 3 months.. before I said no.. if she wants out shes gonna have to get herself out.. Shes left witht he bank card.. the newest car while he works hours away.. she can run off.. on her OWN!

But anyways.. My moms been saying it to me now.. with o im too busy.. okay with what.. you work part time and your youngest child is 15. so again IM lost! Maybe its just me being emotional I was a wreck yesterday and today i was so so.. My dh and friend talked apparently they think im depressed.. I could agree but however i wont take anti depressant pregnant.. im not gonna hurt me or the baby or anyone I know.. I may scream slam a door.. but thats about the worse im gonna do

I do have self control. So maybe im taking what SIL and mom are saying. I tried reaching out to my brothers they aren't even responding.. so what else would you think??

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Mon, 05-16-2011 - 7:42pm

I personally would just ignore them for right now. When they're ready or feel like they have the time then they can call you or whatever and you can then decide if you want to talk or not.