Got a phone call today

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Got a phone call today
Thu, 04-03-2003 - 3:20pm
Phone hasn't rung all day today. Not once. But I get back from the bus stop about 10mins ago, and the message light is blinking. Isn't that always the way?!

As I am listening to the phone number being said, I am thinking that I should know it, but just can't place it. Finally, the message plays..... Hi, Mr & Mrs "B", this is...." OMG!!! It was the CW from Maryland that is working on Sarah's case!

Apparently she hasn't received word yet about ANYTHING dealing with our homestudy, and she is having some major MAJOR concerns for Sarah right now. She even said that she needs to talk with the New York CW to get some word on the homestudy, because she needs to ensure that there is a stable home ready in case things "fall thru" with Sarah because she(CW) "isn't happy with how things are going AT ALL." (quotes are definitely the CW's words)

She had tried to call the CW here, but had the wrong number. I gave that to her, and she said that while she would love to catch up with us, she wanted to talk to this lady ASAP and needed to try and get her before she left for the day. Wow...sounds like things are taking a turn for the worse for my poor Sarah. (I use "my" because, regardless of us getting her or not, she is still a part of our family - literally - and I worry about her on a daily basis.) Thankfully, tho, this CW in Maryland isn't acting like the typical MD CW that I have heard horror stories about (not caring about their cases, etc). I really appreciate this woman, truely.

Oh...and to make matters "worse" for Sarah, her birthday is in a couple weeks. The day after Easter - April 21. I know that there is no chance we will have her by then, but I just pray that she is happy those two days. Lord knows it will be difficult for her.

Anyway....just had to share that with all of you! I am still staying within reality - but I am getting a little excited! lol


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Fri, 04-04-2003 - 11:28pm

Even better update that the one I just read from you earlier this week (I replied with a longer e-mail to that one). Happy, happy news about the CW taking control of things in MD. I hope she can get the ball rolling to get Sarah into a good home (YOURS!).

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