Hey all, a sort of lurker here ~~M~~

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Hey all, a sort of lurker here ~~M~~
Sat, 04-19-2003 - 11:02am
Wanted to stop by and introduce myself and my DD. (some of you may have known me from my old username dreaming_of_babies .. I changed my name to better fit my new roll as a mommy to Gina!)

My name is Jenna and DH and I were trying for #1 for nearly 5 years. We did the whole IF thing .. TTC'd 50 cycles, many failed IUI's, 2 failed IVF's, both male and female factor IF, the works.

Finally we turned out tables towards foster to adopt. We have a WONDERFUL foster to adopt program here, and we joined the ranks. It took us a while to finally certify, but, we were officially licensed February 27, and received our first call on March 11th!!! We were able to bring our little girl home on March 22!

Her name is Gina, and she is the light of our lives. Yes, there is a slight chance, as with any foster to adopt case, that she will be able to go back to bfamily, but like I said, the program here is wonderful, and that chance is VERY small, and worth it to have this little girl in our home.

If all goes well, TPR should be within the next 5 months or so .. no later then October. Then we can move everything over to adoptions, and that should run very smoothly.

Bfamily is not doing a single thing to get her back .. bmom has not done one thing .. she has not visited Gina in 3 months now, (which is a good thing .. in my book) and bdad is in fed-prison, so can't do anything, and won't get out till after TPR is scheduled. With foster to adopt, he does not have to sign papers, he just has to proove that he can't parent, and being in prison, well, you see the picture.

So, Gina was born 9*11*02 and is now 7 months old. We have already had some firsts with her! She started to sit up on her own with us, she got her first tooth, and she is now scooting herself all over the room, not quite but almost crawling!

She smiles at me and DH all the time, and loves to giggle for us. When DH picks me up from work (we work different schedules so Gina does not have to be in daycare for long .. but that may be changing .. different post all together .. LOL) The moment I get into the car and look behind me to see little Gina, she GRINS like there is no tomorrow! I just LOVE that!

Well, I figured Id post for y'all. I may not post too often, but I do lurke .. I post more often with adoption after infertility (well, we have gathered together on another board as well .. but I post with them)

So, thats me and Gina. :o)

Jenna & Gina 9*11*02

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Sat, 04-19-2003 - 8:07pm
Welcome to the board......or at least I should say out of lurking!!! LOL

I'm Carrie, and my family is trying to adopt a 7yo (as of this coming Monday) 2nd cousin from hubby's side of the family. Long story short -- Sarah has an older brother already adopted by other relatives, and he is living happily in Georgia; BMom is a druggie (among other things) and the courts already consider her out of the picture; BDad is also a druggie/drunk and has numerous warrants out for his arrest, he also can't/won't hold a job, and mooches money and living arrangements off of whichever "gal" he is with at the time. You know, prime conditions for raising a child! When we were just about to get her last year, we traveled from Upstate NY to Maryland, only to learn the morning off the hearing that her then-current caretakers decided to postpone the hearing, and we weren't told of any other hearing dates. The next date was scheduled for the day before Thanksgiving - which we found out about only days beforehand. Come to find out (unofficially), the friends-of-BDad's that were the caretakers were also lawyers, and gave BDad all sorts of tips on how to postpone hearings and how to talk to the judges to get the kid back. Unfortunately, the only reason he wanted her back was for the welfare check (this guy even returns/sells his kids' gifts just for the money for HIM!). Worst part.......he finangled the court enough, even against the CW's wishes, that they granted custody back to BDad. We are now waiting on that being revoked, because he is back to his old tricks again. And as the song says, "The waiting is the hardest part!"

You can read about our most recent escapades with everything in some previous posts....



I also posted another update tonight, which should be up towards the top of the board, titled "Frustrated......and still waiting".

Congrats to you on Gina, and your willingness and ability to Foster children. That takes amazing strength and compassion. God Bless you.