Hey Jenna & Gina (m) - nice to see ya!

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Hey Jenna & Gina (m) - nice to see ya!
Wed, 04-23-2003 - 11:13pm
I just saw your post from last week ... this new format sometimes slips posts thru before I see them all & respond - oops! Anyway, I didn't recognize you at first until you starting talking about Gina & then I put it all together! Welcome to our board! I also used to post on IF (where I have seen you too) but have become more of a lurker there these days due to time constraints!

What a GREAT story you tell about your little one! I am so excited to hear how well everything is going & that Gina has become the light of your life. Aren't little ones the best!?!?!?! You sound like you are having a ball being Gina's mommy! I totally agree with your comment about looking into the back seat of the car & seeing her smile at you - it just melts ya!

Keep us posted on Gina's milestones & especially as you get closer to TPR this fall. I pray that Gina will be able to join your *forever* family soon. Congrats to you & Tom! - Kelly (Mommy to Tucker, 19 mos old)

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Fri, 04-25-2003 - 10:45am
Hey there Kelly. :o) Yeah, I remember you well from the IF board. I even remember when you were placed with Tucker. :o)

Yeah, we have really been enjoying the time we have with Gina. We pray EVERY night that we will be able to be her forever parents. It is so hard to know that there is that chance that something might happen and she might be taken away .. but at the same time, we have to enjoy the moments we have with her. Every moment with her is the most precious moment in our lives, and we are eating it all up! :oD

Jenna, mommy to Gina 9*11*02