Hi Kelly and All!! Zachary's party(m)

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Hi Kelly and All!! Zachary's party(m)
Wed, 04-23-2003 - 12:50pm
Went GREAT. The weather was perfectly GORGEOUS sunny and high of 80, do you believe it for Ohio??? The party festivites were held outside with the swinging of the pinata and craft for all the kids. We had about 45 people, family,friends, and neighbors. There were 13 kids and Zachary had a ball!!! On Sat. night when all left, it was so funny he didn't know what to play with first sooo many gifts!!! Sunday Zachary's birthday was nice and calm with the hunting of the baskets and then off to church and then Grandmas. I still can't believe he is one already. He recieved so many gifts, dump trucks , a little tykes big get in and ride police car that we can't get him out of,from mom and dad. Sarah, big sis gave him the cutest pull toy in the shape of a bus with all the webble people to go inside. What a fun weekend!!! On Thursday --tomorrow the 24th is Zachary's GOTCHA DAY!! Planning for all 4 of us to go the Zoo then out for ice-cream!!! Take care and will get some of Z's photos up on the board as soon as I can. Denise.