Hoping to Adopt We Are In Florida

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Hoping to Adopt We Are In Florida
Tue, 04-22-2003 - 3:02pm
Hello all!

I am Terri, My husband I are hoping to complete our family through Open Adoption. We are homestudy approved already. We are in the waiting stages. Meaning awaiting an Expectant Mom who chooses for us to Parent her Baby. My hubby works full time as a Service Manager for a Major Retailer, while I am a Licensed Daycare Provider in our home. This way I am able to be a Stay-At-Home-Mom. Looking forward to sharing in your journeys!


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Wed, 04-23-2003 - 1:26pm
Best of luck to you!!! We had the most wonderful experiece of adoption with our son Zachary who just turned one on Sunday, Easter. WE too were on pins and needles to wait for a birthmother and father to chose us, that is the hardest part of the whole adoption process. It took about 10 months when we recieved the call we had been waiting for . On Sat.April 2Oth our son was born and his birthmother had choosen us to love and to raise him. On Wed. the 24th we went straight to the hospital where he was born and brought him home. We did meet his birthmom whom we loved right away, her mother and her grandmother. There were 4 generations counting Zachary!! We have a semi- closed adotion, we were requested by the agency to send letters and photos each month for 1 year. WE have written our last letter and sent it out yesterday, we will send other special occasions of Zachary's life to her through the agency. His birthmom doesn't want to interfear with Zachary's as well as our lives. Zachary does have 1 step sister and 1 step-brother. He will be able to meet her once he turns 18 with our help, and 21 without our help. We will tell Zachary about his birthmom and show pictures that she has sent throughout this year. He will know about her and will be told what a wonderful woman his birthmother was to give us such a wonderful gift, him!! Gods speed to you, and you are in my thoughts and prayer. God is Good! Denise (mom of 1 year old Zachary and 12 year old bio-daugher Sarah)