Jen and Angie!!!!!! It's time ...Eeekkk

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Jen and Angie!!!!!! It's time ...Eeekkk
Mon, 07-12-2010 - 11:05pm

I know we could have a new board addition or TWO on Tuesday (and of course then there's Deb's potential bmom who is due next week too) so ... let the storks arrive!

PLEASE pop in and keep us posted as best you can. We are NOT a patient bunch around here and love to hear news of baby's safe arrival and a check in on how the potential birthmom is doing and OF COURSE details on how YOU are holding up.

If you don't have someone already lined up to share your updates and you can't get to the board, I'll be happy to help out. Just email me thru my profile and I'll give you my cell phone, which you can text with any updates and then I'll share here.

GOOD LUCK to everyone involved. We will all be crossing our fingers and praying like mad for these arrivals.

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Tue, 07-13-2010 - 7:18am


Best wishes, Good Luck, PPT and travel safe!!!! Spaghetti anyone?!

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Tue, 07-13-2010 - 1:01pm
Thanks for thinking of us!!!

Ang :)

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