Need to vent.........

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Need to vent.........
Thu, 07-05-2012 - 9:09pm

Im a bit frustrated......WWYD?? We are with a private agency..they do placement out of foster care for long term/adoptions. So we were licensed in May and have had 4 "possible" placement calls so far...sounds great right? Wrong! I think they call EVERY open family they have and wait to see how many ppl say "yes" to the SAME placement.  Anyway...we've been placed with no one! We've said yes to all but 1 so far. It just seems like...why call if our chances of getting someone is slim to none??

My 2nd issue is....we inquired about a sibling group 5 hrs from our home almost THREE weeks ago...the agency that has the boys STILL have not gotten back to our agency...and they tell me this is normal?? Well no wonder all these kids are in foster care, and "age out"....


We really think these 2 boys would be a great fit for our family. We are not aloud to call the agency our its a total waiting game..and Im not very good with that....


We decided to give this agency 6-12 months and if we doint get any placements, we will go back to the county and take our chances on a high risk placement.........It makes me soo sad, that all these kids NEED forever homes, but it takes FOREVER to get placed..


Vent over!


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Mon, 08-13-2012 - 9:58pm
That is really frustrating. We waited 3 months for our first placement and he will be adopted soon. We still have an opening and our agency acts like we dont exist. We are closing soon because of it. Good luck. I hope you get your placement soon.

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