Nutmegs Adoption Diary

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Nutmegs Adoption Diary
Mon, 10-22-2012 - 10:44pm

As I've enjoyed reading others diaries, I thought I would start my own - you never know it may come in handy to someone

So, about us. I'm 37, DH 42 and married for 10yrs. We started ttc to conceive straight away and always knew that adoption would be an option for us if we didn't conceive. However, once on the fertility treatment path we kind of just got carried along. Before we started IVF we contacted a couple of adoption agencies and starting gathering some info. This was after fertility check ups, clomid etc but before IVF, so about 6 yrs ago. We conceived after a FET with our first IVF. Went on to have 2 further cycles, plus numerous FETs and decided before the last one that enough was enough.

We started to look at adoption again and contacted several LAs and VAs. We went to adoption info evenings at a couple of LAs and settled on our own LA. We spoke to 3 different social workers there who all appeared really nice.


A few weeks later we met one of the team who approved us to attend the prep classes and that's where we are. Half way through the hard going classes, another 2 next week. They have been emotionally and physically draining but will be worth it.