Today is the day...we started the adoption process

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Today is the day...we started the adoption process
Wed, 07-17-2013 - 4:11pm

My husband and myself have decided we are called to care for the orphans of the world through adoption, and have decided to adopt from Haiti. We realize the Haiti is slightly unstable for international adoptions, as they aren't yet on board with the Hague treaty...but our hearts are in Haiti.  We hope to adopt a daughter between the ages of 4-6 yrs.  My emotions are so crazy right now....I eventually want to blog our whole experience but for now I just need to annonomously shout it out!!!  We haven't told ANYONE yet, waiting for our Creche application and homestudy to be finalized....I think.

I have been looking online for some type of support group message board, and remembered ivillage from years ago when my biological children were little....always such a great community!

Thanks for letting me share my excitementSmile


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