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Welcome to Terri (wanttobeamomieto)-m
Wed, 04-23-2003 - 10:25pm
Hi Terri! I just saw your post below & wanted to welcome you to the board. We haven't had a "new" poster in awhile, so it is GREAT to have you here.

We are a group of people all conected to adoption in some way. Many are adoptive parents, or those waiting to adopt. Some are adult adoptees & on occasion we have a birthmother post too, which is great. We have fun sharing ideas, asking & aswering questions & getting to know each other all through the unpredictable world of adoption.

We adopted DS at birth through an open, domestic, private (non-agency) adoption. We live in VA, DS was born in CA and his birthmother "chose" us to raise him after the first day we all met in 2/2001. She was only about 7-8 wks pg, so we then had to wait almost 9 mos to "meet" him. We got to participate in her full pg & labor/delivery which was a magical experience!

I work for a major retailer, so was curious when I saw that your DH is also a Service Mgr for a retailer. We are hoping to adopt again this year, but haven't starting the process yet. We may use an agency this time too.

Anyway, hope to get to know you better through the board. Glad you found our group & I hope you'll stick around with us! - Kelly (Mommy to Tucker, 19 mos old)

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