mild dairy sensitivity ... how to proceed?

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mild dairy sensitivity ... how to proceed?
Fri, 08-24-2012 - 2:52pm

Looking for some opinions from those who have dealt with dairy / other food sensitivities.

I've been nursing my baby for a year without any real known issues.  Baby did have greenish stools more often than not, but they weren't mucousy.  And my 2nd baby also had greensih stools more often than not, and to our knowledge she has never had a dairy sensitivity.  So ... the green never raised any red flags in this baby either.  And baby did spit up a whole, whole lot early on (and there was a period of time I thought it might be dairy related, as she spit up a whole lot more anytime I had a cappucino, but since I had yogurt everyday and spit up "normally for her" on those days, I decided it wasn't dairy related).  

Anyway, fast foward to one year.  Gave baby her first bites of dairy in the form of cheese.  She refused to eat shaved parmesan or homemade mozzarella, but she loved shaved cheddar.  The day after she ate the cheddar, she had 4-5 green, loose, mucousy stools.  Couldn't decide if it was a bug or the cheese.  Continued to let her eat cheese every couple of days and the poop would get worse on the days following the cheese.  In between days would start to get better, but poop wasn't normal.  Because it lasted for so long, I decided it wasn't a bug and quit all dairy in her diet for a week.  After a week of elimination she again had normal poop.

Haven't tried dairy yet again to confirm, but I'm pretty sure that was the cause.  

Sorry to be long-winded, but here's my question:  I still eat dairy.  Everyday.  Dairy and milk in a cappucino.  Her stools are normal despite the dairy in my diet.  So if we determine that it really is a dairy sensitivity based on her reaction when I give her dairy directly again, do you think it's ok for me to continue eating dairy or do I really need to eliminate it from my diet too?

I'm guessing it's ok in my diet since it doesn't seem to bother her.  But obviously I want her liitle to body to get over this quickly.  Which brings me to my next question.  How long to wait before re-introducing dairy to her again to see if she's yet outgrown the sensitivity.  I full expect she will outgrow it at some point, particularly since it seems to be fairly minor (no vomiting, no skin reaction, etc.).

Thanks ladies!

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Sat, 08-25-2012 - 12:17am

When you say that when you were having yoghurt, but no other dairy and she had green poo and spit up, it is quite possible that these were symtpoms from that amount of dairy. Then when you had extra dairy, the reaction was stronger. Does she still spit up and have green poo - when you say she has gone back to what is normal for her?

I would also think that dairy sensitivity is not all or nothing. Some babies are more sensitive than others. So some babies will react to even the slightest bit of dairy in their mother's diet, through breastmilk. Whereas other babies will not react at all through breastmilk, but can still show signs of a reaction when they have dairy directly. 

How long should you wait before offering it again?

 If it was me, I would probably wait about six motnhs or so. Offer other calcium rich foods that are non-dairy, and continue to offer breastmilk.

Some will never be able to have dairy, others may not be able to tolerate milk, but may be able to have more processed things like mature cheese or yoghurt.



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Sat, 08-25-2012 - 10:49am

I think if it's not broken don't fix it. So if the dairy in your diet isn't bothering her, don't worry about eliminating it. 


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