Kathy is saying Good Bye

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Kathy is saying Good Bye
Fri, 03-15-2013 - 9:14pm

I’m sad to say my time on the message board is coming to an end as of March 31.

I’ve been working on this board since 1999 and want all of you to know how much I’ll miss you and how much you have meant to me.

Working here has taught me so much. It’s been great to learn first-hand what questions are most important to breastfeeding mothers and what they are really feeling inside their hearts about their experiences. It’s also been a valuable learning process for me to get “instant” feedback on my responses.

You have been with me through the happiest journey of my life when I became ‘grammy’, and you supported me through the saddest moments of my life when I lost my precious grandbabies Elias, Elianna, and Maura. You should be proud to be a part of such a loving and giving group of women.

I have been privileged to be in contact with women from every continent in the world except Antarctica through my work on the message board. I have always been impressed with the resourcefulness of the women I have met here.

I have made life-long friends and have many happy memories.

You have given me so much and I will treasure my years working on the lactation consultant message board.

I’ll still be here a few weeks but wanted to say Good-bye and God Bless each one of you.


iVillage lactation consultant

and Grammy to Brennan, Elias, Elianna, Tahlia, Makenna, Maura, Silas and Charlotte    

Kathy Kuhn IBCLC ivillage lactation consultant Grammy to Brennan, Elias, Elianna, Tahlia, Makenna, Maura, Silas, and Charlotte

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Mon, 03-18-2013 - 12:50pm


I just wanted to say thank you again for all the information and support you provided to me (and many, many other mamas here).  For me, this board and the information provided here helped me achieve my nursing goals with my son, now 29 months old and pure joy.  This board and your information helped me with nursing strikes, biting, pumping issues, extended breastfeeding support and so much of the day-to-day hard work that is being a new mom.

I really appreciated it.  Blessings to you and your family,


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Tue, 03-19-2013 - 6:55am
Kathy, I'm also sad to think your time here is coming to a close. You've inspired me to follow in your footsteps initially to become a La Leche League Leader and eventually to become an IBCLC. I only hope that I can do half as good a job as you. I will miss you like crazy but I will be sure to be in touch with lots of questions! Dana